Why Cowboys will not be in a SUPERBOWL any time soon


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The reason the Cowboys will not be in a SUPERBOWL soon is Jerry Jones.

Jerry’s has no loyalty to the Dallas Cowboys his loyalty is to money.

Before Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys he was going to buy the Chargers in 1966.

Jerry Jones asked Hoffa's Teamsters for a loan to buy the Chargers in 1966

Later on he bought the Cowboys, but if there had been another team available at the time he would have most likely bought what ever team was available.

Now let’s get in to why the Cowboys will not be in a SUPERBOWL anytime soon.

The NFL is compromised of 32 team owners and they all share revenue equally from tv deals and merchandise sales.

With the exception of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry is the only owner that owns the merchandise rights to the Cowboys.


Jerry Jones' 1995 Risk Allows The Dallas Cowboys To Become Leaders In The Growing Women's Sports Apparel Market

Jerry understood the value of the Cowboys and as a result he possesses the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

Dallas Cowboys named most valuable sports franchise at $7.64 billion

Now let’s us follow the money.

When people buy merchandise, that money is split up amongst all the NFL owners with the exception of the Cowboys. So if someone buys a Brady jersey that money gets distributed to all the owners. However, if someone buys a Dak jersey, then that money stays with Jerry Jones.

Now let’s say you own the Browns and your team is out of the playoffs. You as the Browns owner wants the popular profitable players advancing in the playoffs cause people purchase their gear.

Let’s say the Super Bowl is KC vs Dallas. If you own the Browns you will be excited over the increase in KC jersey sales coming your way; however, there will also be an increase in Dallas merch sales but how does that benefit you as the owner of the Browns?

You as the Browns owner wants any team in the Super Bowl with the exception of the Dallas Cowboys. Because now you get to double dip on sales.

Also, ever since Jerry made his merchandise deal with the league, the Cowboys have not had an MVP.

In 2014 Tony Romo and Rodgers where the contenders for MVP. Romo was actually leading most QB stats that year and should have arguably been MVP.

Tony Romo vs. Aaron Rodgers by the numbers: Who should be the NFL MVP?

So let us follow the money once again. If you are an NFL owner would you rather the MVP go to Romo or Rodgers?

Had Romo won, then we would see a rise in Romo and Dallas merch sales. How do the owners benefit from this? On the other hand if Rodgers wins then the owners get to enjoy some of the profits from the extra merch sales that will come as a result from this.

The Cowboys only purpose is for regular season tv ratings. They take up most prime time spots. And ideally you want the Cowboys to remain around .500.

The reason for this is because Cowboys have a huge fan base. But not only their fan base is what makes them ratings juggernauts. Also their haters. Cowboys have a plethora of haters who rather tune in to watch the Cowboys lose then watch their own team play.

So the perfect ratings recipe is keeping the Cowboys around .500. At this win percentage you feed the fans and trolls equally. So one week Cowboys win and they get to talk crap to their buddies at the office. Then the next week Cowboys lose so now the tables reverse.

Sports media also feed on this. This is why announcer or articles talking bad about the Cowboys are profitable. The more clicks and article gets the more money for these companies.

When we get to the playoffs. Cowboys are usually one and done. This is because playoffs sale themselves. People tune in regardless of who’s still in it. Also Super Bowl adds are usually sold out a year in advance regardless of who’s in the Super Bowl.

This is why it’s no surprise that Cowboys are amongst the most penalized team in the league. Is it because they are sloppy?

Since Jerry bought the Cowboys. They have had multiple QBs, coaches, players, staff members, etc. With the exception of Jerry Jones being the only common denominator. Yet year after year it’s like your seeing the same team committing the same bone headed penalties under different personnel.

How is this possible?

The reason this is possible is the refs. Refs have too much control over the outcome of games.

On any give down there are multiple penalties being committed on both sides of the ball. The beauty of the NFL rules is that refs can pick and chose what to call or what to ignore. If they see a team struggling and you need them score or you need their QB to look like a GOAT. Then they can just call holding penalties or pass interference penalties which are huge momentum killers or booster.

Pete Carroll would instruct his defese to commit penalties or do what ever it takes but don’t give an inch or yardage. His reasoning was that refs are not going to call every single penalty or else games would drag or become boring.

So refs can pick and chose what penalties to call to keep games entertaining and to keep games conveniently within the betting spread. They can also call penalties to make a certain player look good or bad. Which affects those that enjoy fantasy football.

At the end of any given game you can go back to look up the stats and see how many times teams where penalized.

Most times you will see that both teams where penalized for about the same amount of yardage. So people will use this data to say things like “see my team was penalized just as much as your team and we still won”

However, go back and watch the game again and see the key penalties. Not all penalties are equal. Some penalties are garbage penalties in which your team is nowhere near the end zone so a penalty isn’t a game killer. But if your about to score and you get a holding call that puts you out of scoring position, those are the key penalties. Those are the penalties in which you see fans yelling at the tv. Or the missed clear as day calls which stop your team from potentially scoring.

I get asked why I still watch the Cowboys if I believe it’s rigged? The reason is because i see it as an excuse to get together on Sundays with friends and family and hang out while watching the game. I don’t care If Cowboys win or lose.

At the end of the day the NFL is recognized as an “entertainment” business. So they can do as they please to keep games entertaining and exciting.
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While JJ has built this franchise into a financial success, he has done so by over-hyping the talent & coaches, and it’s clear the players think they’re entitled to win by virtue of the “star” and it has showed in the results. Every year the Cowboys are supposedly one of the most talented teams yet they always under-deliver. The same ego that helped JJ become a financial success is also the reason why he thinks he is the “smartest guy in the room” when it comes to personnel matters, as evidence by the fact that he doubles-down on players & coaches when others question them — the old “I’ll show you attitude”. That same ego requires that JJ gets 100% of the credit so he will never give up the GM duties. More of the same when Dumb & Dumber take over. My advise to JJ would be to buy the History Channel so he could live in the past.