Why does Dak flip so poorly into the end zone?

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by basilhayden, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. HowardC

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  2. KJJ

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    I know some don’t like Dak but this has to be the strangest criticism of him yet. Some of you look for anything and everything to complain about with him.
  3. Starforever

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    Good point OP. Not only can he not throw the ball accurately, he cannot accurately throw his body either. Satire at its best.

    DUO_CORE Well-Known Member

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    He could have seriously Romo'd himself on that play; then Rush would have had to play.
  5. Blake

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    But if he's a moron how will he know which to choose?
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  6. Hardline

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    As long as he doesn't fumble the ball or hurt his neck by landing on his head he can flip as much as he wants,
  7. cowboy_ron

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    The worst part is he probably landed on his right cheek first instead of his left.......he sucks....:facepalm:
  8. cowboy_ron

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    That's deep.
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  9. cowboy_ron

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    Forgive him....he just doesn't realize you're our honorary "master debater"....:laugh:
  10. Red Dragon

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    I get nervous every time a Cowboys player leaps and unnecessarily tries to extend the ball across the goal-line in mid-air. You know that's going to lead to a touchback for the opposing defense one of these days. I can see us losing in the playoffs that way.
  11. ThreeandOut

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    You must be the Soviet judge.
  12. jsb357

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  13. InTheZone

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    late to the thread, but sarcasm whooshed over some heads that's for sure.
  14. Doomsday101

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    I hope he flips all over the rams.
  15. Xelda

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