Article: With Fox, Disney will have an even bigger footprint in Hollywood

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    With Fox, Disney will have an even bigger footprint in Hollywood
    By Ryan Faughnder, Los Angeles Times
    March 9, 2019


    Walt Disney Co.'s entertainment kingdom is about to get a whole lot bigger thanks to its pending purchase of 21st Century Fox assets, and the rest of Hollywood has only just begun to grapple with the consequences of the company's increasing power.

    The long-anticipated $71.3-billion acquisition will put the X-Men, Homer Simpson, the Avengers, Buzz Lightyear, Kylo Ren and the gang from "Avatar" under the same roof, giving the Burbank company an unprecedented share of film and television franchises.

    The deal, expected to close in the coming days, would boost Disney's share of the domestic box office to at least 40% and reinforce its stronghold in toys, theme parks and cruise lines. The Mouse House will have an unrivaled say over when and how movies are released.

    "Basically, they become the 800-pound gorilla in the media landscape," said Lloyd Greif, chief executive of L.A. investment bank Greif & Co. "It gives Disney even greater clout from a streaming standpoint, and even greater clout from an exhibitor standpoint."

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