Witten from the sideline: "Field goals ain't gonna win this game"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ShortRound131, Oct 16, 2019.

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    But their yards per *target* are still great. Smith's is the highest, and Austin, Gallup, Smith, and Cooper are all 10+. That's great.

    The guy who has quietly been bad news is Cobb. Low catch rate, 4 INTs when throw to.

    Post with QB rating when thrown to for everyone on offense.
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    I love Witten, I’ve stated many times that he is my favorite Cowboy of all time but...field goals would have won that game. It’s sad but true that we needed FG’s to beat the Jets but 3 points would have done it.
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    Yes their going deep but that's alot of incompletions sometimes. Sad they are bouncing off hands, just a little better throw maybe they are caught by our guys. Yea amari has a bad case of the drops. I do like that we dont do those stupid behind the line dumpoff passes that lose yards like some teams.
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    That poor guy came back cause he sucked in the booth. He came back to the same coach he cried with
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    Didn't do him any good. Jerry likes himself some money. And all the credit.
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  7. Cowboy Brian

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    #6 at his position so far this season.
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    I know. People act like him and Garrett aren't buddies
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    He caught a TD, then the Refs robbed him of it.
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    Keep licking his retired toupee. He's a sell out that good ole Jason Qwitten.
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    Witten's cliched speeches won't fire up this team comprised of youngsters. The old timer's outside looking in. It has to come from the coaching staff. None of the players seem to be able to fire up the rest. No ray lewis on this team.
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    dang, witten has gotten awful mean since he lost his hair.
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    Sounds from the sideline. Lately all I can hear are sounds from the garden.

    Fell on Black Days:):(

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    Dear Mr. Witten,

    You are correct and I highly recommend you ask your QB Mr. Prescott what he plans doing about this never ending problem as he is the Franchise QB:rolleyes: and leader of our offense!
  15. Beast_from_East

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    God Lord, I didnt realize that he sucked that bad...……………..16 straight games with a missed kick.

    how is he still on the roster?
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    Witten was in position for a catch on the 2 pt conversion. He totally had his guy boxed out. If Dak could have gotten a decent throw off (he had a guy untouched flying at him), a lot of people would be singing Witten's praises.
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