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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Plankton, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Plankton

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    Let's run the Cowboys draft. Using the link below, make selections based on the Cowboys draft position, and rankings of players. Rules are:

    Draft from this list:

    Must pick players whose ranking is either at or below the number of the selection (i.e. - when the Cowboys pick at #17, you can't pick the #3 guy on the list, but you can select #17 or lower).

    Here's the draft positions:

    Have at it.
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  2. Plankton

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    #17 - Justin Jefferson - WR LSU
    #51 - Curtis Weaver - DE Boise State
    #82 - Jeff Gladney - CB TCU
    #123 - Leki Fotu - DT Utah
    #164 - J.R. Reed - S Georgia
    #179 - Bryce Hall - CB Virginia
    #231 - Jonah Jackson - OG Ohio State
  3. tm1119

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    #17- CJ Henderson CB Florida
    #51- Jordan Elliott DT Mizzu
    #82- Alton Robinson DE Syracuse
    #123- Brandon Aiyuk WR AZ St
    #164- Antoine Brooks Jr S Maryland
    #179- Dalton Keene TE VA Tech
    #231- Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU
  4. JJGR8

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  5. CalPolyTechnique

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    Now this is fun.
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    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    #17 - CJ Henderson CB/Florida
    #51 - Lucas Niang OT/TCU
    #82 - Jon Greenard DE/Florida
    #123 - Leki Fotu - DT/Utah
    #164 - James Proche WR/SMU
    #179 - Bryce Hall CB/Virginia
    #231 - Charlie Taumoepeau FB/Portland State

    Can't say I'd be thrilled with that draft, but I'm within the rules.
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  7. Plankton

    Plankton Well-Known Member

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  8. morasp

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    #17 - K'Lavon Chaisson
    #51 -Marlon davidson
    #82 - J*** Gladney
    #123 -Brandon Aiyuk
    #164 - Benito Jones
    #179 - Bryce Hall
    #231 -Nate Stanley
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  9. Killerinstinct

    Killerinstinct Well-Known Member

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    17 CJ Henderson
    51 Curtis Weaver
    82 Neville Gallimore
    123 Ashtyn Davis
    164 James Proche
    179 Bryce Hall
    231 Lloyd Cushenberry
  10. bdk76

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    #17 - C.J. Henderson Florida CB
    #51 - Zack Baun Wisconsin OLB
    #82 - Van Jefferson Florida WR
    #123 - Terrell Burgess Utah S
    #164 - Raequan Williams Michigan State DT
    #179 - Davon Hamilton Ohio State DT
    #231 - Lloyd Cushenberry LSU C
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  11. steve_treptow

    steve_treptow Member

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    #17 - K’Lavon Chaisson DE
    #51 - Patrick Quenn LB
    #82 - Jeff Gladney CB
    #123 - Leki Fotu DT
    #164 - James Proshe WR
    #179 - Bryce Hall CB
    #231 - Bryce Sterk DE
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  12. ksg811

    ksg811 Well-Known Member

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    #17 - C.J Henderson CB
    #51 - Zack Baun Edge
    #82 - Justin Madubuike DT
    #123 - Brandon Aiyuk WR
    #164 - Evan Weaver LB
    #179 - Bryce Hall CB
    #231 - Lloyd Cushenberry C
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  13. cowboyec

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    rd1-17...CJ Henderson,CB-Florida
    rd2-51...Curtis Weaver,DE-Boise St
    rd3-82...Neville Gallimore,DT-Ou
    rd4-123...Leki Fotu,DT-Utah
    rd5-164...James Proche,WR-Smu
    rd5-179...Bryce Hall,CB-Virginia
    rd7-231...Jordan Fuller,S-Ohio St
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  14. beware_d-ware

    beware_d-ware Well-Known Member

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    #17: K'Lavon Chaisson
    #51: Jaylon Johnson
    #82: Justin Madabuike
    #123: Jake Fromm
    #164: James Proche
    #179: Bryce Hall
    #231: Lloyd Cushenberry
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  15. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    Good call on Baun, didn’t even think to look for his name that low. Sprint to the podium if he’s available with our 2nd
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  16. kiheikiwi

    kiheikiwi Maui No Ka Oi

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    # 17 - C.J. Henderson CB
    # 51 - Zack Baun OLB/DE (Really wanted to go Dugger here)
    # 82 - K.J. Hill WR
    # 123 - Leki Fotu DT
    # 164 - J.R. Reed S
    # 179 - Calvin Throckmorton C or Bryce Hall CB (Good value here)
    # 231 - Stephan Guidry WR
  17. cheyennes

    cheyennes Active Member

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    17. Kristian Fulton CB LSU
    51.Zack Baun DE Wisc
    82. Neville Gallimore DT Oklahoma
    123. Ashtyn Davis S California
    164. James Proche WR SMU
    179. Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU
    239.Derreck Tuszca DE NDS
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  18. ColoCowboy

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    Unless Kinlaw or Chaisson drop to 17, I am looking for a trade partner. Ideally, I would move down 4-6 places, pick up an additional 3rd round pick (and more).

    In the first, I would looking to draft the best DE, or Safety available -- likely choices would be DE Yetur Gross-Matos or S McKinney.

    In the second round, I would be looking for either a CB or DT.
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  19. ultron

    ultron Well-Known Member

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    I expect Crawford to take a ~50% pay cut and Randy Gregory to get reinstated and they’ll share time at RDE until Randy is ready to roll full time 100%. The D-line went from a major weakness last year to potentially much better (Quinn & Collins were absolute dog crap vs. the run and with the addition of 650+ pounds of DT - our linebackers are going to unleash their full potential without having to worry about absolute potatoes in front of them). To me our secondary may be in trouble so I’d like to address that early, followed by some Oline depth, TE depth, and a 7th round guy that may actually compete for the slow WR spot:

    #17: CB-CJ Henderson (I just think this is a no brainer unless something crazy happens & he isn’t there or perhaps a player is available that they really think would make this team better; CeeDee Lamb or Ruggs III curveball?)
    #51: S-Kyle Dugger (he’s 50th on the board but I think he’ll be available at 51, if not I’d take WR-Michael Pittman Jr but I think much better value will be there that I would rather have)
    #82: CB-Jeff Gladney (super sleeper, especially if the Cowboys throw a curveball and Lamb or Ruggs III are there in the 1st and Henderson isn’t)
    #123: G-Jack Driscoll (I’m just following the rules but I’d like to see C-Keith Ismail fall a little to us)
    #164: TE-Thaddeus Moss (do we dare pass on another Moss in the draft? Biggest mistake in Cowboys draft history but this Moss isn’t that high on my list - just going by the board)
    #179: T-Charlie Heck (6’7 310lb swing tackle?)
    #231: WR-Stephen Guidry (hard to pass on a 6’3 guy that runs a 4.47 forty in the 7th round)
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  20. BoysfaninVegas

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    #17-CJ Henderson, CB-Florida
    #51-Antoine Winfield Jr, S-Minnesota
    #82-Neville Gallimore, DT-OU
    #123-Kenny Willekes, DE-Michigan State
    #164-Benito Jones, NT-Mississippi
    #179-Quartney Davis, WR-Texas A&M
    #231-Bryce Huff, OLB-Memphis
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