Zeke and Pollard in Backfield at Same Time

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ninja, Sep 27, 2019.

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    I don't recall seeing both in the backfield at the same time. I think the Cowboys could have great success with this formation: 2 RBs (Zeke and Pollard), 1 TE (Jarwin or Witten) and 2 WRs (Cooper and Cobb).

    I am guessing defenses would have to counter with 5 DBs. Defenses would have to account for two RBs who can both run and catch on both sides of the field and would also have to guard the middle of the field since both RBs can run inside too. Defenses would need to account for both RBs going out in the flat or screens. Might be able to get some explosive players in advantageous one-on-one matchups.

    Would like to see them try this sometime.
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  3. Risen Star

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    I would run screens to Witten out of that formation.
  4. CT Dal Fan

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    I didn't see the Miami game live, but the Cowboys did use Zeke and Pollard together for a few plays last week. I could be wrong, but Dallas ran a play where Pollard caught a swing pass for 12 yards when he was on the field with Zeke.

    Hope to see more to come.
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  5. AmericasTeam81

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    There was one play against the Dolphins where they were both in the backfield. I think Pollard caught a pass?
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  6. JoeKing

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    I think I saw Kellen Moore asked about this and he just rolled his eyes and said you never know what we may do until we do it.
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  7. ninja

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    Thanks, I only saw the highlights of the Dolphin game.
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  8. zrinkill

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    Are we just inventing things to worry about now?

    I dont care what they do as long as we keep scoring 30+
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  9. ninja

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    Rolled his eyes in a good way or in a mocking way? :)
  10. JoeKing

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    In a calculated devious way.
  11. links18

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    How about a full house backfield with Zeke, Pollard and Olawale. Motion one of them out before the snap and get a mismatch on a line backer, then run an option sweep with Dak pitching it to one of two options?
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  12. davidariust24

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    I'd love to see Pollard play more receiver or receive some passes. He can beat any LB for a catch and probally most DBs
  13. TwoDeep3

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  14. Bob-Lillys-War

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    Thats exactly what we need .

    Two backs in the field .
  15. Maxmadden

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    Patience . It's coming....
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  16. xwalker

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    The have done it. The play I recall had 1 on each side of Dak (Dak in Shotgun). Pollard motioned to the right and caught the ball near the sideline at just behind the line and had a good gain.

    The announcer referenced it as a pony backfield.

    Anybody get that reference?

    Eric Dickerson and Craig James at SMU were the pony express (SMU Mustangs).

    Back then SMU players had to take a pay cut when they went to the NFL...

    Pollard was on the field with another RB more often than not in college (usually Darrell Henderson 3rd Rams). Pollard did everything from run, catch, lead block and even lined up as a wildcat QB.
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  17. CapnB

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    Yup they did it.
  18. viman96

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    Zeke and Tony in the backfield. Voch Lombardi has a breakdown of this play and Tony's day against the Dolphins.


  19. Zekeats

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    It’s never worked for any team, any time in the history of the nfl so don’t count on it.

    Honorable mentions
    2 tight end sets
    Star cb/safety position Oscan
    3tech warren sapp
  20. JohnsKey19

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    Yeah I watched that. There are a lot of available options given what Pollard did in college and Daks threat as a runner.
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