Zeke contract was a statement to Dak

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by blumayne38, Feb 13, 2020.

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    It was telling dak and co. “Hey we think zeke, yeah he’s the reason we’re good. We’re gonna pay him. Dak you want 40 mill pffft. Not only no. But, Hell NO!” “So yeah”
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    Clueless. Dallas gave Elliot a deal that looks over the top to fans who know no better.

    Dallas Guaranteed money he was going to earn in the last two yrs of his rookie deal. Only difference is he got that money as soon as he signed the extension. They gave him little SB.Elliot most likely cut after the 2022 yr. He can be cut after the 2021 yr as a june1 designate and cost Dallas 5.4mil in 2022 and 2023 saving Dallas 11.1 mil in 2022 and 9.6 in 2023.

    Dallas didnt send any msg to Dak. They just signed a RB they needed to sign at market value.
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    Your a little off here. Zeke's 2021 salary of 9.6m becomes fully guaranteed as long as he is on the team the 5th day of the start of the 2020 season so basically his salary next season is guaranteed at this point, the same thing is true next year, if he is on the team on the 5th day of the start of the league year than his salary for 2022 (12.4m) becomes fully guaranteed, i'm betting that if Zeke has the same kind of year this year that he had in 2019 then he will still be on the team next year on the 5th day of the new league year guaranteeing his salary for 2022, only thing i see stopping that would be some sort of injury this year for Zeke or a total team meltdown where we go say 4-12 or 5-11 next year and the Cowboys decide to blow it up and start over, which would also be hard to do if they sign Dak long term, so basically barring serious injury Zeke and his salary are here for at least the next 3 seasons basically paying him approx 29m in salary plus the bonus he signed for. If they cut him after 2021 (which won't happen unless he is injured) they still have to take an 11m (approx) dead money it, ya they can spread it out over 2 seasons but it is still 11m, Zeke will be 26 years old in 2021 i doubt very much they cut him unless injured or he has a very lackluster season production wise in 2021. Zeke and his salary are here to stay for at least 3 more seasons, my bet would be the next 4 before they look to let him go
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    Zeke got signed because he actually agreed to a pretty team-friendly contract. He held out so the team wouldn't Murray him, he was ultimately amenable to a pretty favorable deal, so we got that done.

    Same thing with Jaylon. If you look at his cap hits, it's a VERY team-friendly deal. I think Jaylon's knee made him acutely aware of how quickly all that money could go away, so he cashed in and got his set-for-life money ASAP even if it wasn't going to be absolute top dollar.

    We wanted to get Dak done last offseason, but he drove a harder bargain and the team wasn't able to come to terms.
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    Yeah, I was surprised when I heard the terms. It was reasonable.
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    You seriously think that Zeke was that good last year? When was the last time he carried the team for a win?
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    Zeke's demands pale in comparison to what Dak wants. What Dak learned from Zeke is that if you don't show up, Jerry will cave.
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    He doesn’t have too, if dak doesn’t show up for camp. He would be doing Dallas a favor. Dallas will tag him and he will be at camp.
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    Not sure a tag does us any favors.

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