0-2 Yikes! This is a must win. Loser starts 0-2

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DeaconMoss, Sep 18, 2020.

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    In 2011, the New York Football Giants lost FOUR games in a row and still won a Super Bowl.
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    ...the game will be won on team effort, some luck and peddle to the meddle. OL needs to give Dak time to throw. Or short screens, bootlegs, draws..etc. DL win the battle in front. That's it, easy Japanese.
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    For a team that hasn’t won anything in 25 years some of y’all concede games pretty easily.
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  4. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Lucky we’re in a bad division right now. Because we’re starting 0-3.
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    total agreement Deacon----this is when Dak and company must step up and prove they are not average....Dak needs it to help reshape narrative...after going 1-6 in one score games last year and 0-1 this year
  6. plasticman

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    In the Cowboy's 60 year history, they have started out 0-2 only seven times.

    During Tom Landry's 29 years, the Cowboys started 0-2 twice. One was the Cowboys first season when they ended up 0-11-1. The other was their fourth season, 1963.

    From 1965 to 1988, 24 years, a Landry coached team never started 0-2.

    The 3rd time a Cowboy season started 0-2 was 1989, Jimmy Johnson's first season when they went 1-15.

    The 4th time was four seasons later in 1993 during Emmitt's holdout. They signed him before the 3rd game and Emmitt carried them on his non-separated shoulder all the way to a 2nd championship.

    The 5th and 6th times were during the Dark Ages of Head Coach Dave Campo in the years 2000 and 2001.

    The 7th time was the disaster of 2010 when they started out the season with devastating injuries to the offensive line. The backups were terrible and they lost a last ditch chance to win game #1 but one of the backups had a holding penalty that ended the game.

    There were a lot of expectations that year. In 2009, the previous season, the running game had come around and it helped propel them into the playoffs where Romo won his first playoff game. The defense appeared to be dominant, ranking #2 in points allowed. Miles Austin had a breakout year.

    However, numerous injuries, bad luck in close games, Garrett's refusal to commit to any type of running game and a complete breakdown of management structure doomed the team. At 1-7, Phillips was fired.

    The average finish for a Cowboy team that starts out 0-2 is 5-10-1.

    The Dallas Cowboys must win this game on Sunday.
  7. Beast_from_East

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    Nice break down.

    Another fun fact. The Cowboys have never started a season 0-3 and made the playoffs, NEVER.
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  8. Flamma

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    It only happened 4 times.
  9. MaineBoy

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    interesting MO. Ignore the facts and history about teams that start 0-2. Then reduce the issue to a simpleton notion saying every game is must win.
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    Gotta say, I feel sorry for MM and his staff. Everything possible went wrong for a new staff to succeed. Better luck next year?! :huh:
  11. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Let's hope we are not the 5th trying it.
  12. Flamma

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    Two of the times was in 1960 and 1963. Not exactly shocking as to why. The 3rd was 1989. Again, it was to be expected. The final time was in 2001, Dallas was not a good team.

    The record itself doesn't matter. It's just a strong indication that the team is crap. But otherwise it's meaningless. If you're a halfway decent team that can adjust well, you can overcome it.

    In 2018 the Texans started out 0-3 and won the division with 11 wins I think. In 1992 the Chargers started off 0-4 and went on to win the division at 11-5. The Oilers started 1-4 in '93 and finished 12-4. Three teams started off 0-2 and won the super bowl. On occasion a good team will start off slow and bounce back, bad teams will not.

    The record itself isn't the problem.
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    And what happens when the Eagles lose, Redskins lose and Giants lose? Next week will be another must win, then another, then another.

    With the expanded playoffs those stats are a moot point, I’m sure there would have been a lot more teams that started 0-2 and still made the playoffs. Simpletons like me shouldn’t be thinking of such preposterous concepts, that should be reserved for the higher, more educated and thoughtless thinkers. I think you know the type very intimately.

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