3 reasons why we will have a breakout year and 3 why we won’t

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bobhaze, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. Bobhaze

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    I am going to define “a breakout season” as this: Reaching at least the Conference championship game or better for the first time in a quarter century.

    So with that definition in mind, I’m going to list 3 reasons why we WILL have a breakout year, followed by 3 reasons we won’t have a breakout season.
    1. Dak’s return plus a healthy offensive line for a full season makes this offense more potent than ever.
    2. Big Mac makes better in game decisions and Kellen Moore has grown after his first year as OC into an excellent offensive mind.
    3. The addition of Dan Quinn as a quality DC plus adding Parsons’ athleticism, plus the growth of several other rookies makes this defense come together late in the season to become a physical, tough defense just in time for the playoffs.
    1. The OL (specifically Tyron Smith) cannot stay healthy, thus making the offense constantly shuffling different OL combos making it difficult for the O to gain continuity and confidence.
    2. The soft culture and lack of toughness fostered by the Jones meddling continues and the team folds when times get tough.
    3. The new defense and its new infusion of youth never get it together and it continues to not get TOs, sacks or pressure. Bottom third of the league again in performance.
    What you think? Give me your reasons why we will have a breakout season or 3 reasons why we won’t.
  2. JoeKing

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    The OL will be better than it has been in years.
    The so-called soft culture is a thing of the past.
    The youth on this team is an asset not a liability to this team.

    It will be a breakout season by the OP's definition.
  3. cowboyec

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    3 reasons why.
    1.our injured are back...THANK GOD.
    2.a real off-season,with real football stuff.
    3.micah parsons is gonna kick so much ***.

    3 reasons why not..........
  4. conner01

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    Even if smith was to go down that’s not as big a deal as last year was
    We didn’t just lose smith but his backup
    And Collins, center and Martin
    One injury you can over come
    But as they pile up it gets impossible
  5. Tangle_Foot

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    Three reasons why we will.
    1. Better health, the injury bug will dine elsewhere.
    2. Better coaching, McCarthy, Quinn and Moore will all do a better job.
    3. Second year jumps from players like Lamb, Gallimore and Diggs.
    Others like Gregory, Smith, LVE and Elliott will have better seasons be it from better health, the challenge of competition, opportunity and a better offensive line.

    Three reasons why we will not have a breakout season.
    Sorry, but I will leave predicting Cowboys failure to others ;)
  6. Big_D

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    I think the needle is heading in the right direction. Run D should improve. That alone should give some hope for a breakout year. Plus health, plus development of the 2nd and 3rd year guys and hopefully a few rookies who get on track early. Lot of 'IFs' to get to a successful season but I like where they're headed.
  7. Aerolithe_Lion

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    Every year people say the glitz and glamour culture is over, only to run into the same complaints, why do you think it’s finally ended this year?
  8. Maxmadden

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    Damn it, I thought it was a rhetorical question.

    If not, I will just say reverse the polarity on the first 3 reasons we will.
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  9. Pentagruel

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    Reasons we will have a good year:

    1. The offense becomes more consistent and reliable. Will Dak and the offense start the games right and not help dig a hole? Protect the football? Health? All those things are needed to become an offense that is not only explosive but a real pillar the entire team can count on at all times.

    2. Dan Quinn can install a defense that is coherent and the players buy in to. I think the defensive talent last year was not even close to as bad as the results on the field. They were certainly deficient in some areas but there were also solid players all over the defense. Clearly the players were co fused by Nolan’s scheme and did not buy what he was selling. Will Quinn do better? That is going to be the starting point to turn this defense around.

    3. Impact plays on defense. There has been focus on turnovers and other impact plays on defense, and this draft has heavily invested on that side of the ball. While I think there have been many solid players on the Dallas defense the past few years, there has been a dearth of impact players who make game changing plays. Will the new additions like Micah and Kelvin, and perhaps even Wright and Cox and Mukuamu help make these game changing plays?

    Reasons why we have a poor year:

    1. McCarthy is not able to command and inspire the team. I felt McCarthy was dangerously close to totally losing the team last year and possibly being a one and done. If the NFC east had been better and Dallas had not retained playoff hopes late into the season, I think there is a real possibility that everything collapses, worse then it already did. He needs to do better this year. Maybe all he needs is a good start to the season to get the ball rolling, but if he doesn’t, I think it could once again spiral out of control.

    2. Confidence of the players. This ties somewhat into the coach inspiring and leading the players but do the players themselves have the mental toughness, the confidence to overcome setbacks throughout the season, or will they quit once the going gets tough. When their playoff hopes are on the line in the final game of the season will the have what it takes to play their best game. They haven’t in the past, and that could again be their downfall.

    3. Health. Simple enough. Will they suffer significant injuries or not. If major pieces go down again this year it could be their undoing, especially if their mental fortitude is also in question.
  10. jnday

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    The soft culture was still ongoing towards the end of the season, so the team would have to totally reverse decades of softness. The character of the team was evident when Dalton took a dirty hit and there was not one teammate that come to his defense or even to see if he was okay. What kind of a team allows that to happen without having some kind of response? It was one of the most embarrassing shows of their lack of toughness and character that any Cowboy team has ever shown.
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  11. Big_D

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    We'll see if they can grow some balls in one offseason. But that was definitely a sad and pathetic moment.
  12. Captain-Crash

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    nothing new @jnday, Sean lee got de-cleated and nobody, even Lee, did anything about it. Heck Terrell Owens could come out at pregame and take a dump at mid-field and nobody on this team would do anything about it. Well, some guys might see if he would sign their jerseys.
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  13. OldJarhead

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    Honestly not much has changed. Some new coaches, new players but the culture hasn't changed because the clown at the top is still there trying to show the world that he knows how to win a championship. That he is the reason this franchise is so valuable.

    Add to that a QB with a mediocre arm who lacks accuracy down field I am gonna say this team will be lucky to win more that 9 games again for a few season. Looking at this years schedule they may even be the first club to lose 17 in a single season.
  14. 75boyz

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    Don't have a 3 reasons why Cowboys will or won't.
    I believe there will be a let down based on the defense stepping up but the offense not holding up their end of meeting all the lofty expectations.

    The group think tank of Moore /McCarthy/Mcadoo along with performance by Prescott fail to live up to all the hype.

    While all eyes will be on the defense to crap the bed yet again, they end up meeting the challenge of mediocrity or slightly better while it's the offense that fails to deliver on all the offseason expectations.

    I'm feeling this year's high volume of pass attempts and yards are unfortunately combined with many interceptions.

    My expectations are somewhat akin to the Jameis Winston 2019 stats season. Lots of yards along with lots of picks.

    Just another opinion.
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  15. hittheskids

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    The players on this team, from what I have witnessed, are either soft or incapable of performing at an NFL level. When things get hard they tend to give up and that is a combination of coaching and character.

    Not really sure McCarthy can bring out the best in this bunch and they don't do it themselves. Doesn't bode well.

    Let's hope the FAs and rookies can rise the tide and float all the boats.
  16. JoeKing

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    What difference does it make? You are just going to shoot it down. I'm going to continue to believe what I want without your blessing and I bet everything will work out just fine.
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  17. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    In my opinion....competition in camp nullifies that soft culture that you're talking about. Pressure can burst a pipe or create a diamond. And competition has another running mate that increases the pressure...rumblings.

    Zeke has been hearing the rumblings about him being past his prime. Cooper has been hearing the rumblings about Gallup being kept instead of him.
    Jarwin saw what's Shultz did last year with his extra playing time.

    And with all of the competition they've just created on the defensive side of the ball, we could be looking at the perfect storm. The NFCCG awaits us.
  18. ninja

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    @Bobhaze Culture ... Jones' Meddling ... 25 Years ... Talk about broken records. You just can't help yourself, can you? Got to go back to that same old well.

    3 Reasons why:
    1) The GM, front office, and scouts put together a talented team with depth which is capable of competing against any team. Loaded for bear on offense with weapons like Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, Pollard, and Schultz for any QB to be successful. Infusion of youth and speed on defense.
    2) Speed at LB with Parsons, Neal, and Cox. Parsons will be a force off the edge and Neal and Cox will be able to cover DBs and TEs.
    3) The complete rebuild of the defensive backfield is complete with the additions of Diggs, Joseph, Wright, Mukuamu, Coyle, and Wilson. A good mix of youth and experience with Brown and Lewis and Kazee to help as the youngsters get acclimated. Turnovers are coming.
    4) Bonus: Players are team hungry, not individual hunger.

    3 Reasons why not:
    1) Other teams and players are just better, work harder, or want it more.
    2) Lack of creativity on offense and defense. Other teams just have a better game plan.
    3) Waiting too long to go to Pollard more and Elliott less.
    4) Bonus: Same knuckleheads continue to freelance and care more about making a highlight reel than playing solidly and winning.
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  19. Bobhaze

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    Joe, I don’t agree or disagree with you…I honestly don’t know. But I am curious why you believe “the OL will be better than it has in years” and “so-called soft culture is a thing of the past”? I would like to think so…what gives you that confidence?
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  20. DandyDon52

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    I think the main problem is the HC and OC.
    They may have fixed the DC position, and they added some good pieces on defense. So things look better for the defense this year.

    MM was not the right coach for the cowboys, last year was a disaster, so will give him another year to see if he can rebound.
    I dont have any confidence in him though. Seems to be a puppet coach, just trying to please jerry.

    Kellen as OC,
    in some ways he is good, passing plays, some trick plays have worked good.
    But as far as the run game, he is a disaster, he just calls run plays at random, and seems to have no understanding of how or when to run,
    or to have run heavy game plans, or in red zone.
    I was watching the giants game where dak got hurt, and dallas had 2 drives that were good in 1st half.
    On first one they had 1st and goal at 5 , ran 3 pass plays which failed, and then settle for fg.
    2nd one same thing,only at 7, and ran 2 times for td.
    after this in later games , kellen would still call 3 pass plays in those situations.

    So no matter about the players etc, if the HC and OC are not that good, it will keep this team from going on a deep run.

    Game plans last year were either bad or lackluster, with one exception, where they actually went run heavy and won the game.
    That is on kellen and mike. they make up the game plans, and kellen calls the plays.

    Also the play Dak got hurt on was a QB draw, that they usually run inside the 10, but this one was out around the 50, lol and is why dak got hurt.
    Very stupid play call, and it is on mike that dak had been allowed to run without sliding, and taking hits , and at times running like he is a RB.
    Again this led to dak getting hurt. very stupid.

    iN closing I think Dallas makes the playoffs, but they dont get past the div round. They just dont have good enough OC and HC, and
    I have no idea on quinn as DC, but with the def draft, I think he might get the defense to play much better, and this will help get them to playoffs.
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