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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bb721, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. bb721

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    Let me start by saying I am NOT here to knock Kellen, just to ask a legit question. Does the fact that he is left handed make it slightly harder for him to work on certain things with Dak? Obviously it doesn’t factor into the mental side of being a QB coach, things like recognizing defenses, checking out of a play etc. but what about the physical side of things? For example, working on your footwork during the drop back, or trying to work out kinks in Daks throwing motion. A left hander and a right hander would be doing these things in opposite directions, just seems like it would be a little harder than watching someone who throws with the same arm as you and trying to mirror their movements.
  2. xwalker

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    Probably not as much as the other way around.

    Left handed people grow up in a right handed world. Moore has likely studied more right handed QBs than left handed.

    I think most of Moore's job is providing info to Dak about what the defense has done in the past and what it's trying to do in the game.

    Consider how there are people behind the scenes that support game commentators. There are stats people and others that provide in game info to commentators like Romo. They are not there to tell Romo how to call the game.

    Moore is not there to teach Dak how to play. That's Linehan and Garrett's job.
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  3. jazzcat22

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    Sounds like you are knocking left handed people. :laugh:
  4. CouchCoach

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    I am not really sure what Moore does. Got a former OC HC and an OC, what exactly does a QB coach do for the QB1?
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  5. dwreck27

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    Kellen Moore as QB when we had Tony Romo would have been no big deal....

    Kellen Moore as QB coach with a QB in Dak who needs big time coaching to help polish him up and get him to the next level? Terrible hire
  6. Pants

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    Moore doesn’t appear to have anything to do. But, once the offensive coach house-cleaning eventually occurs, I won’t miss him
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  7. conner01

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    I don’t know how you would know if Moore is good or not
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  8. Runwildboys

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    They're not people..........They're aliens.
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    Not as much as being unqualified for the job.
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  10. Mr_437

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    I credit Kellen Moore with Dak's improvement during this streak.
  11. Idgit

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    I don’t understand the hate for Moore as a position coach at all.
  12. TheHerd

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    I would imagine Moore goes over game tape and critiques Dak's decisions, and they go over what could have been done on each play.

    Hopefully they preview the upcoming opponent, what the weaknesses are, what the likely reads are going to be, etc. What else could he be doing?
  13. rags747

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    QB coach will not help Dak, its all in the talent of the arm which is God given. Was anyone able to help Tebow?
  14. Roadtrip635

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    Kellen is there mostly to help with the game plans, learning Linehan's system and concepts more than teaching mechanics and footwork. That's not to say Kellen couldn't help with those, but he was hired because of his familiarity with Linehan and this system. I don't see why we couldn't also hire a consultant or whatever title you want to give him, that has experience and track record in working on mechanics, footwork, technique etc. $5 billion franchise, it's not like we couldn't afford to bring someone to help. We brought Houck in to help Columbo, why couldn't we bring someone else in to help Dak and Kellen.
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  15. SeanLee50

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    The main difference in being left and handed comes down to when they actually play QB.

    That’s like when Jerry Rice went from Montana to Young. It’s different for pass catchers.

    But as far as Moore and Dak ... I doubt it.
  16. buybuydandavis

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    It's hate for management promoting a guy with no experience for the most important job of the offseason - developing our regressing QB.
  17. Corso

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    As a lefty... Yeah. About the 1st part.
    Scissors still confound me!

    Learning basketball... guitar... piano... changing diapers - everything! We are the minority that nobody cares about. No hate, but barely anything to help them.
    That's why we all became inherently genii.
    Well... I like to think so anyway.
  18. SeanLee50

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    How about right handed desk or writing in a binder??

    Writing is a daily struggle haha
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  19. Idgit

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    So, it’s just a simple misunderstanding about how the team works with Dak you think? And about the fact that Dak has actually progressed this season instead of regressing at all?

    The fact is, none of us has any idea whatsoever how Moore works compared to how Wilson worked. Or what he can or can’t do that a more experienced availble position coach might have done. We do know he’s a favorite of his bosses’, that people have been saying he was born to be an offensive coach for years, and that Dak himself is on the record as having been all-in on Moore’s selection. That our HC and OC were both QBs when they played.

    I just don’t see how anybody can think we don’t have enough QB experience around Dak on this coaching staff.
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  20. northerncowboynation

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    Hire Romo as QB coach and get on with it :). IDK, you could be right with the left handed right handed thing. I wouldn't mind a QB coach with some experience working with QB's in offenses that run the RPO. Ten again I think that's more on the OC.

    Moore was more of a pocket passer who couldn't see over the trees in the pocket because of his stature and floated the ball when he rolled out. Kellen may be smart and need a couple more years in coaching but I'd rather see him get that experience somewhere else than Dallas. Dak's QBR and yards have gone up in the last four games and most attribute that to Cooper. Maybe it's just Kellen catching fire lol. Honestly, unlike some I have very limited QB coaching experience so who am I to judge

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