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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Feb 7, 2019.

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    I've been ruminating about what the Cowboys might do at TE. I really liked how both Blake Jarwin and Dalton Schultz finished the season, outside of the injury to Jarwin late. Given that, and the youth of both guys, I'm opposed to investing our top pick in the 2019 second round on adding another young player to the mix. Virtually all players take at least a year or two to get fully up to speed with the NFL game.

    Jarwin and Schultz are both hitting that point in 2019, and any rookie, however talented, is going to behind either or both in that learning curve. So if you use your top pick there, the odds of proper return in 2019 are slim and none. And I would rather use that pick on improving the trenches anyway. Give me a defensive tackle or offensive guard.

    But, if the team felt they needed to improve, I'd go with a veteran.

    Now, this idea is fraught with risk, but also with huge reward. My idea would be to sign former Bengals TE Tyler Eifert.

    Now, the obvious risk. Eifert has been hurt - a lot - these past three seasons. And has never been the picture of health during his entire NFL career. He's suffered a myriad of injuries, including coming off of a gruesome ankle injury that ended his 2018 season. That's where the huge risk comes in, and that's why a player this good is even available. High risk, high reward.

    And it's the Jarwin and Schultz factors that actually make me feel OK with taking that risk. Even if or when Eifert does get injured again, you would have not one, but two backup options in place, continuing to gain experience. The Cowboys would have great insurance

    But when Eifert has played? He's been a Pro Bowl caliber player and regarded as one of the best in the league in 2015. He's a willing blocker, if not a great one, but he's a matchup nightmare in the passing game. Fast enough to force teams to cover with a defensive back, big enough at 6'6" to tower over them and make plays. Versatile enough to line up outside as well.

    Eifert was signed tyo a one year, $5 million range prove it deal in Cincinnati last year. And given he had another injury, he didn't prove it. So, his cost should be in that same area, or possibly even cheaper. I don't see anywhere else that you might be able to find a veteran, Pro Bowl talent near that cost.

    Oh, and did I mention that his college roommate and brother-in-law is our own Zack Martin? I'd consider that to be a big plus in the equation as well.

    So rather than spending out\r best draft asset and hoping that a guy develops in a year or two, I'm rolling the dice on a proven talent and injury risk. I think we have the youth and depth to do that.

    I'm curious to see what everyone's thoughts are on this idea?
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    Eifert is another sick lame lazy player . We're past that. Sign Cook off the Raiders.
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  3. stasheroo

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    I say no to an older guy who struggles to stay healthy. Hence why we should pass on swaim as well. This is a very young team and we should work on developing the young guys. If Eifert didn't struggle to stay healthy then I would say yeh. But we could be in the same position with him hurt depending on young guys who had no reps with all season.
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    TEs got better as the year went on and should be good enough. If we can get Eifert on the cheap I would not complain.

    I like the idea of bringing in Jared Cook. Address TE with FA. Draft defense with round 2 and 3.

    I want DT and S over TE. If we let Tank walk then DE is a bigger need as well.
  6. ShiningStar

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    this whole "we have a young team but we need vets thing " is something the fans dont get. TE is not going to make or break us. if the guys can catch and block, just leave it be. We have other positions that need filling that are way more important than TE at this point.

    Unless you guys are really excited about going no where next year too.
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  7. CATCH17

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    Eifert is a good TE he's just never healthy.

    When healthy he is top 5 at his position.
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  8. 75boyz

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    I liked every well thought out reason and rationale you posted here but only because of our seemingly endless bad luck on the chronic injuries in the past do I have pause in fully endorsing this... ie Lee, Claiborne, Austin, heck even Smitty nowadays. What was that Training Camp Hall of Fame safety we kept for like 3 years? lol
    If not for his consistent injury history sign me up, but otherwise, no.
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  9. stasheroo

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    And that's exactly my point.

    You can get experienced, top 5 TE talent, at a fraction of the cost. Because the guy has gotten injured lately. But I don't see where you can "blame" Eifert for his latest injury any more than you can "blame" Allen Hurns for his. Tackles happen, and so do injuries.

    But nowhere could the Cowboys get veteran talent, ability, and work ethic at this rate. Worst case, you have Jarwin and Schultz to rely on again, as you do now. But Eifert has top 5, maybe top 3 ability when he's playing.

    And I can't help but to think that having a close relationship with Zack Martin wouldn't be a plus in many ways.
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  10. McKDaddy

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    I would honestly be OK if they did nothing at the position. Wouldn't mind Swaim coming back at all. If they want to cut Rico loose, fine. Keep him, fine.

    I'm not against a veteran, but I'd really like to see the guys we have already invested in get sizable snaps.
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  11. conner01

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    Eifert could bring something if healthy
    Swain is gone and they’ve decided not to play Rico so we need a TE
    Unless a special one falls to 58 we have bigger needs there
    We need DT who can play now, we will need a slot receiver who can play now
    We need a TE, upgrade at safety, OT
    Too many needs to reach
  12. stasheroo

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    I can't blame you or anyone else for being hesitant because of the injury history, it's been terrible. But that's the only reason why he's available. It's undeniably a big gamble. But I think the potential upside of instantly adding a top 5 TE talent outweighs the relatively low cost and risk. As I said, worst case scenario, Eifert gets hurt and you have both Jarwin and Schultz waiting in the wings. Best case scenario? This offense now has Pro Bowl talent across the board.

    If this is truly these coaches last stand? Take your shot.
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  13. Manwiththeplan

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    And never is not at all hyperbole. If we brought him in, we could *not* alter any plans or priorities around that position.
  14. stasheroo

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    Not at all. But as I've said, having Jarwin and Schultz there already makes it a gamble we can handle. If or when he gets hurt? We still have two solid young options to turn to.
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  15. Denim Chicken

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    Jessie James is another to look at if you're wanting to add a vet.

    Might not be as dynamic in the passing game as Eifert, but he's no slouch and has potential. Maybe a better blocker and doesn't have the injury history.
  16. Future

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    I'd be all about Eifert, and would have tried to trade for him this season. High upside, little to no risk.

    But I haven't seen anything in this offense that makes me think we'd be able to utilize his skillset.
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  17. Manwiththeplan

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    I just don't share your level of comfortability with Jarwin and Shultz.
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    Your risk/reward position is a very strong one that I want to believe in, trust me. And then my doubt/pessimism creeps in based entirely off of the previous players I mentioned health issues.
    I do like the player and can see your side that he's a risk worth taking at the right price.
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  19. silvrNblue

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    I'm not sold on paying for a guy who may not be able to play 16 games, we already have one of those , well 2 actually in Smith and Lee. Are they still viable to us, for sure with their experience if nothing else. I do however agree, we do NOT need to use our 1st pick or our 2nd for that matter on another TE. I hope they go D with those picks, and then fill in the gaps with BAP in a TE and WR/slot player. I'm pretty damn sure we keep Tank, and let bezz walk, either cut or resign Lee at a much reduced cost to the team, eject the scrubs who really were just roster spot holders and go after some real time play makers. The team is not that far off, but if a viable FA comes free and it's at the right price then nothing wrong adding veteran experience to help the young guys. Eifert might just be a piece we can use down the stretch who not only provides a solid TE on the line, but also works with these young TE's we have now. I know Witten wanted to try the booth thing, but I still say JJ screwed the pooch not offering him a deal he couldn't walk away from. Man, I just hope to hell they make the right decisions this draft, so that not only us fans but around the league people are going "oh man, the boys are going to be beast this year".
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  20. stasheroo

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    That's all I could ask for, thanks!
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