Aaron Donald Sacks This Year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcowboysfan76, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. PUSHfold

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    Jesus christ man really? Dude evades a sack from the best player in the NFL and because a receiver(who he found) was open on the opposite side of the field that he didn't see immediately you're gonna criticize him? You're a joke.
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  2. JayFord

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    I’m not sure if doubling him is enough because he’s doubled 75 percent of the time
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  3. WeaponX

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    That still leaves 10 sacks for him in the other 12 games he played. There's no way around it or discounting it, he's a force that must be accounted for. I think we're up for the challenge!
  4. Roadtrip635

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    He waited because Dez was running from the opposite side of the field, to give Dak a target.
  5. KMY_Amber

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    Colombo will have them ready. Having a strong running game, and converting 3rd downs, that will be the key....because he'll get worn out later in the game. He's a great player, but everyone gets tired if they're on the field a lot early in the game.
  6. ActualCowboysFan

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    He's going to be a problem.
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  7. InTheZone

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  8. Mobinvans

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    Aaron Donald is a beast....hes only one man though..we got this
  9. xwalker

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    If you are looking for positives, Connor Williams matches up better against quickness than power.

    Aaron Donald wins with quickness off the snap. Connor Williams best asset is quickness. His foot quickness is about as good as you'll see for a Guard.

    It's still a rookie vs the best pass rushing DT in the league but it's likely better if Williams is blocking Donald than Suh.

    Another positive is that Zack Martin is an All Pro and he has had two weeks to rest his knee.
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  10. Cowboy-33

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    I know this is a little off the sack topic but: why are the Rams so bad against the run with Donald and Suh on their defensive line? Are they rushing the passer so hard they just forget the running back?
  11. J_Robinson

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    Precisely. We don’t give a flying flip about stopping the run. We also have smaller, quicker LBs in Barron and Littleton which doesn’t help the cause. Our defense is built to stop the pass, and the last 3 weeks we’ve been a solid defensive unit (yes, we’ve played bad teams). It’s been pretty astounding to see how one corner (Talib) can make a difference when he’s inserted in the lineup.
  12. Whyjerry

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    I will say this. The Dallas interior OL is solid. The tackles have been a hot mess although Ty Smith is looking better. Donald is powerful for sure but he wins mostly on speed and leverage (He is not a tall guy). This is Connor W's moment because he is a great athlete who can match with quickness. It has been the big guys that give Connor trouble. Personally, I am glad he looks to be getting the start because I think his athletic ability gives him a chance to have a good day vs. Donald.
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  13. BaybeeJay

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    So he had 9.5 sacks in the other 10 games? And you don't think that also signals dominance?
  14. dcowboysfan76

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    I think we can agree that the majority of Dak's sacks were on Dak. Furthermore I'm not taking anything away from Donald, I'm only saying that the majority of his sacks came from weaker Olines.
  15. dcowboysfan76

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    The last time we played them he had 2 tackles (1 for loss) and 2 QB Hits.
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  16. dcowboysfan76

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    Did you read my 2nd sentence? I'm not taking anything away from him... I just think that sometimes we put too much emphasis on one player's ability to dominate an entire game like we can't scheme against him.
  17. GhostOfPelluer

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    And was in the backfield often
  18. Fla Cowpoke

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    Best post in this thread.

    Donald is absolutely a beast, no doubt about it. But even the best players can be beat. For example, if he repeated that box score above, I think everyone here would do back flips.

    Thing to remember is that this year is the outlier so far in his career....he has doubled his sack numbers from his previous best. Of course, his average years up to this point would put him in the Hall of Fame as one of the best DT's ever. He does have contemporaries right now....Fletcher Cox for one and Akiem Hicks the past three years has put up numbers along the lines of Donald's years outside of this one. There is no doubt that Donald is the best of the bunch.

    One other thing to consider in all this. Dallas got to practice against Phillips 3-4 for years in practice....at least from a coaching standpoint since there are really no players from his tenure that are still here. Garrett should know what the weaknesses in the defense are and how to attack them.
  19. Manwiththeplan

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    I agree, take away his 3 best games and he has only 9...as a DT...wait, where was this going?

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