Aikman was average: regular season - 141 int's to 165 td's

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PJTHEDOORS, Dec 20, 2020.


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    Using the SAME standards Dak haters use.
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  2. AmericasTeam81

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    He was average statistically average but money in the playoffs. He was surrounded by a lot of good talent though.
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  3. DakPresgoat

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    League was different then.

    Aikman was also clutch in the playoffs. Like money clutch. Like most accurate playoff passer ever clutch.
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  4. starman22

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    I must have missed something. Did Aikman say something derogatory about Dak that offended someone?
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    “Aikman led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories in a four-year span in the 1990's, including a 52-17 stomping of the Buffalo Bills in 1992.

    He threw for 273 yards and four touchdown passes in this game, earning MVP honors.

    He posted a triple-digit passer rating in nine of his 16 postseason games, all victories.

    Aikman lost his first and his final three postseason games. In between, he led the Cowboys to victories in 10 of 11 games.”
  6. IceStarD54

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    Agreed. Minus the playoffs and one great Super Bowl Aikman numbers were quite pedestrian.
  7. GenoT

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    While Aikman admittedly had consistently superior talent around him, he almost always showed up huge in win-or-go-home games.
  8. rnr_honeybadger

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    I think Dak should be paid 50 million a year ago ver 3 years. Totally worth it.
  9. WillieBeamen

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    This aint it

    Disrespecting legends to prop-up bums

    Dumbest Fanbase Ever
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  10. Risen Star

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    Yes, we share a football team with these people.
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  11. irishline

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    If you are going to use the same standards (all things being the same - which they are not) in his first 5 years Aikman was the starting QB on two Super Bowl winning teams. That pretty much is the only one I care about.
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    Sigh. Dak haters are really Dak likers just not to the tune of 20% of the cap. Five years in Aikman had two rings as signature wins versus Dak one division win. And yes we know Troy had an actual coach and not a couple marionettes. The rules were not skewed to the offense the way they are now.
  14. Vtwin

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    People are strange.
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    What did Aikman do after 1995?

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Dak haters are evil strange.
  17. ShortRound131

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    Come back after Dak leads us to some play off wins. Dumb thread.
  18. rocyaice

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    Ehhh I won't argue stats because he played in a different era but one thing is for sure is that he played on some stacked teams and there are some quarterbacks who have better stats than him.
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  19. rocyaice

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    More like come back after Dak gets a team as stacked as Aikman had.........
  20. ReturnToGlory

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    Aikman came prepared and the game was over by halftime. He would complete 8 or 9 of his first 10 passes to start a game (remember the Madden stats?) on a down the field passing team and didn’t need to pad the stats.

    also beat other teams that were as loaded in the playoffs with HOF QBs.

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