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Video: Aldon Smith Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, May 23, 2020.

  1. Redball Express

    Redball Express All Aboard!!!

    13,574 Messages
    10,243 Likes Received
    So this hit the headlines the other day an I thought it was sort of panned by the media.

    Personally, If he is right, we have really won the off season.

    You be the judge.

    Oh no..I think my next post is going to be a Dak Thread.

    Stand by you hungry Cowboy fans.

    Pickens are slim with no sports on TV. I just paid my internet bill becuz this is my lifeline anymore.

    But you guys are getting touchy these days. hang in there.

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  2. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

    42,776 Messages
    44,029 Likes Received
    Agree with them, since Aldon Smith has been reinstated, then Randy Gregory needs to be reinstated as well.
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  3. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    33,763 Messages
    13,046 Likes Received
    Aldon Smith has been out of football for almost 5 years. He’s been given a second chance. Gregory has already had a second chance. He can’t make it a year without violating the rules. Smith paid a heavy price but every year we go through the same thing with Gregory. The commissioner may keep him suspended longer this time.
  4. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    33,763 Messages
    13,046 Likes Received
    The situation we’re in with this virtual offseason may very well kill Smith’s chances of making the team. He hasn’t played football since November 2015. He needs all the on the field work he can get in pads. He’s not going to have the benefit of mini camps or OTA’s. If there’s a training camp he’s going have to hit the running which is going to be very difficult. That will be the first time he has pads on in almost 5 years. Good luck!
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  5. Mr_V

    Mr_V rat2k8

    6,934 Messages
    7,693 Likes Received
    I had to chuckle about the statement that Aldon might not make the team, are you guys serious? This guy is going to come in a wreck havoc in the NFL. I don't care if he hasn't played in 5 years the guy is a freak of nature and even if we get a 70% Aldon Smith he is better than anyone we have on that Dline including Dlaw that was major disappointment last year.
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  6. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    33,763 Messages
    13,046 Likes Received
    You must have just started following football if you think a player who hasn’t played in almost 5 years and won’t have the benefit of OTAs and mini camps is going to come in and wreck havoc. There’s no guarantees he makes the team. He’s going to have his work cut out for him. He wasn’t playing that well the last two seasons he played he only had 5 sacks. If you still want to see him for what he was 8 and 9 years ago go ahead.
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  7. Kaiser

    Kaiser Zone Supporter

    14,922 Messages
    25,132 Likes Received
    I agree on Aldon Smith but DLaw was still an excellent player in run defense and pressures. He had the most pressures of any player with 5 sacks and there were at least 3 or 4 sacks he would have had if Quinn hasn't gotten to the QB a half step before him.
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  8. CowboysWillRise

    CowboysWillRise Well-Known Member

    10,969 Messages
    16,052 Likes Received
    I think yall are just gonna have to get used to the fact Aldon Smith is gonna be an animal for this defense. Go on and buy his jersey. ;)
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  9. Mr_V

    Mr_V rat2k8

    6,934 Messages
    7,693 Likes Received
    :lmao2: yup started watching football last year. I will get back to you after training camp and we will see what this beast has done.
  10. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    33,763 Messages
    13,046 Likes Received
    If you honestly believe he’s going to wreck havoc after almost 5 years away from the game battling substance abuse and other issues you won’t be getting back to me. lol
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  11. Kingofholland

    Kingofholland Well-Known Member

    980 Messages
    898 Likes Received
    Gregory's track record is far better than Aldon Smith and doesn't have a lengthy track record of police reports.
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  12. Mr_437

    Mr_437 Well-Known Member

    5,048 Messages
    5,048 Likes Received
    Shout-out to Redball for this content.
    Shout-out to Chris Simms for smoking resposibly, and letting ppl know some guys are better off and ball out on herb.
    Shout-out to Tony Romo for introducing the term "meritocracy to the NFL.

    Who on the roster will keep Aldon from making the team? Nobody!

    Reinstate RG and get on with it!
  13. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

    11,583 Messages
    18,810 Likes Received
    Expect the worse and hope for the best.
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  14. cern

    cern Well-Known Member

    11,343 Messages
    15,675 Likes Received
    Its been a long time since an nfl fairytale story had a happy ending.
  15. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    33,763 Messages
    13,046 Likes Received
    All the problems Smith has had is the reason he hasn’t played in five years. He’s being given a second chance. Gregory has a poor track record coming back from suspension’s. He’s seeking a third chance. It’s not like these suspensions have gotten through to him. Relaxing the rules certainly isn’t going to get him off pot.
  16. Cowboysheelsreds053

    Cowboysheelsreds053 Well-Known Member

    9,355 Messages
    6,565 Likes Received
    Like riding a bike, I have not ridden one since I was 17, but at 55 I have not forgotten how too and could if had too.
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  17. Bullflop

    Bullflop Well-Known Member

    16,313 Messages
    19,805 Likes Received
    Yep -- I think its a pretty realistic way of approaching that new policy.

    Those with a long history of violations had better tow the line or else.

    The days of welcoming offenders with bad habits are here no longer.
    Last edited: May 23, 2020
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  18. Beaker42

    Beaker42 Well-Known Member

    4,201 Messages
    3,627 Likes Received
    They didn’t sign him to sit him. He’s going to kick *** in the PS games and have a great reg season.
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  19. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

    33,763 Messages
    13,046 Likes Received
    Signing him doesn’t guarantee he makes the team.
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  20. Bullflop

    Bullflop Well-Known Member

    16,313 Messages
    19,805 Likes Received
    If I were a betting man, I'd be willing to wager Smith would last longer than Randy.

    Throughout all the chances that Randy was given, he's failed miserably to reform.
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