Recap: Analyst: Because of Romo, the Cowboys will 'take a step back' this year and win 7 or 8 games w/vid

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I will say that even amongst Romo detractors, this may be the first time I've actually seen an article indicate that Romo is holding the team back because of all it's talent.
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    The unimformed and ignorant national talking heads do this on pretty much a daily basis. When you are talking to a Cowboy fan and they put all the blame on Romo you know straight away that they are just casual fans and get their takes from the aforementioned national media types. I like it for the simple fact that it identifies who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't.
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    Me too. I have heard a few people say it directly--which was pretty astounding.
    I mean, surely the totally depleted/injured defense, the 31st ranked run game, and the porous oline held the Cowboys back just a tiny bit?
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    To be honest I could care less what a local South Florida talk radio host has to say about the Cowboys. For those who don't know Jon Weiner - or Stugotz as he's known in South Florida - is Dan Lebatard's sidekick on his local radio show... The Dan Lebatard Show w/Stugotz. He's simply trying to make a name for himself with his 15 minutes on first take. nothing to see here - move along...
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    That's just a really irresponsible thing to say as an "analyst". To blame a guy who never really has had a good enough team around him his entire career beside in 07' & 09' is crazy. When I say "good enough team" my main focal point in that is defensively and on the O-Line which I think both will be better this year especially on the defensive side of things. This is a good football team with a good quarterback who will 100% win more than 8 games.
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    I could see him being part of the reason we get sent home at the end of the year but not the reason we get held back during the regular season. He will have a couple of EPIC meltdown games like he has every year but he is good enough to keep us in contention. I personally feel that if we are in an elimination game he could be the reason we get knocked out.... just like last year against Washington.
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    Rage bait. This is just trolling for clicks. The usual.
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    Oh no

    please tell me, is the part where we are supposed to panic
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    All I've read so far is Former Cowboys player Dan Connor arrested for having a switchblade knife in his luggage......
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    Looking at recent history, yes
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    7 games would be an utter disaster. I dont believe that will happen.
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    Analysis to me is looking at a set of facts or circumstances and trying to come to conclusions based on them.

    This is not that. This is just throwing out records based on personal emotion. I read up to 'I'm done with Tony Romo' and quickly realized what this was about.

    This is tabloid and not analytic journalism.
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    I know I shouldn't tempt fate but personally I am glad we will not be playing in another one of those phony "elimination" games this year (just don't see Philly turning it around from 4-12 to playoffs). Even though I'm sure the Romo haters will find a way to blame it on him, at least we will be in or out because of our record and performance in all 16 games for a change.
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    Good grief. This dude gets no respect. He's been our only chance since he became the starter. We've never had a dominant defense, never a dominant running game. Pedestrian Oline, etc. these guys are a bunch of fools.

    Do you think I could give a synopsis on Cam Newton, or Freeman because I've watched a game or two, or seen highlights? Unreal!
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    Exactly, take Romo off this team and it barely wins 5 games. He has been, for years now, the only chance this team has to win games. Time to take the pressure off him, give him a ground game, solid defense and the sky is the limit.
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    I am not a Romo apologist or hater, however, I do tire of this tired refrain that Romo has been the Cowboy's only hope over the past 7 years or so... and without him the team would always be a 4-5 win team.

    It just seems silly to me to think that we'll look back 10 years from now at the Romo era, if it continues like it has, and say to honestly say to ourselves that the Cowboys would have a 4-5 win team during the entire era despite have two bonfire HOF players during almost that entire era in Witten and Ware as well as a high number of Pro-Bowl selections along the way including as many as 12 in one year.
  17. Apollo Creed

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    Hey, don't ask me, ask two legendary hall of fame super bowl winning QBs - Troy and Roger, they share the same opinion.

    He's never had a good-great defense to lean on, no running game, and it's not like those two things aren't directly correlated with winning football games or anything.
  18. Vanilla2

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    Throwing out some boiler plate talking points for the low info fans.
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    I remember how painful the 80's were. The three NFC Championship losses followed by not much after save for 1985.

    But then Jimmy came and the first year, the 1-15 had hope. More so than the last half of the 80's. For some reason I believed things were headed in the right direction.

    The 1992 season, as it progressed toward the play-offs found Dallas being the darlings of the league. Except for Boomer and Jackson on ESPN, most of the talking heads were getting on the Dallas bandwagon by mid way through the second half of the season.

    They stayed there throughout 1993.

    The point is national or even regional sports reporters will go with the team that wins.

    Right now the wound is still fresh from the Redskins game for them and 8 seasons of very little to show for it causes these guys to say what they do.

    I have said this many time.

    Win and this goes away.

    If Romo - for whatever reason, no defense, lousy offensive line, terrible head coach, rotten GM - doesn't make the play-offs and do something spectacular, he will forever be the reason they lost.

    Get ready for it because that's the way it works. Whether you think it is fair or not.

    So I want him to win.

    Because I'm not I certain could stand another two decades of Romo threads and stats trying to prove why the end results were not the truth.

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    Romo throws to Witten. Ware disappears in the 4th quarter.

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