Anyone else concerned about Jaylon?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Aven8, Sep 15, 2019.


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    Latin--yes because we gave up garbage points and yards to garbage teams. when we did not have to
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    Yeah thats exactly what i saw as well.
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    Our linebackers are not playing at the level they were at the end of last season. But its early, and they weren't playing at a super high level at the beginning of last year either. Sean Lee is getting too much burn, there is an obvious decline when he comes in for one of them.

    I think our linebackers will be ok. In fact, I think our linebackers and defensive backs, barring injuries, will continue to improve as they are ALL young.

    Let's remember, the NFL is a marathon not a sprint. Its important to play your best football at the end of the season, not necessarily at the beginning.
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    The whole defense has been yuck. Pass rush has been even worse and thats making everyone look bad IMO
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    Going back to the Ram playoff game, by knowing what the defense was going to do, McVay was able to get the defense particularly the LBs moving in the wrong direction a lot, making for less efficiency than we were used to during the regular season. Don't think that went unnoticed by the rest of the league.
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    Much more concerned about the guys in front of him and LVE.

    The dline play has been blah
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    my only concern so far has been the terrible pass coverage. Too many times are we seeing guys wide open in the flat. Yesterday AGAIN...the rb's killed us . I don't think we ever covered them. Dunno if that's the coaching or the players not being aware.
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    Have noticed more movement along both the offenses of the Skins and Gnats than usual probably trying to replicate the rams. Hope to see our D tighten up as the games are going to get a bit more competitive after Miami. Also hope we don't overlook Miami in the process.
  9. CowboysFaninHouston

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    lets cut him. save some cap down the line:p
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    The only one I am not concerned about so far is Lord Byron, he's been solid. The entire D has seemed out of sync but so has most of the NFL that I have watched.

    I do not think this is going to be a great D but it will be good enough if the O can keep up the pressure and not get too dependent on the D.

    I am not sure this D has gotten that embarrassment in LA out of their system because that was one of the worst D performances in Cowboys playoff history and they all played parts in it. They need a "come together" game and NO and GB are just what the doctor ordered.

    I think the other thing that is affecting our perception is the coverage of the team. With these contracts, a holdout and a brand new OC, all anyone wants to talk about is the offense. That D might be feeling a little neglected and unappreciated but they've probably been better than we're thinking, just not as good as the offense.
  11. LarryCanadian

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    I posted something similar in another thread. Jaylon is so fired up now that he is healthy (and significantly more muscular) that he is biting on misdirection and play action and over-reacts to the first move/cut - and it is taking him time to re-adjust and track down ball to make tackles. Even on the play he ran down AP at sideline he actually got there LATE because he went the other direction first - only his athleticism and speed let him catch up albeit quite a bit later than he would have gotten there had he tracked the ball carrier/run correctly from the start.

    I think he is overthinking and needs to be a bit more patient and look for the ball and where the play will go (not react to where the line or play fake or first step is taking the running back. COACHING this seems pretty common sense - is nobody seeing this from the coaches. As you point out, almost every play he is heading the wrong way first. LVE started game 1 the same way, but has since settled back in a bit.

    Both young players need to improve the mental aspect of game - they have all the physical tools in the world. They are just HUNGRY to make the big play and tackle - it will get better, but the end of last season and start of this year has been inconsistent for the lienbacker core, not to mention the Dline too. LOTS of room for improvement. The offense and secondary is carrying team right now. Imagine how good this team can be if front 7 on D improves?! Upside is there - it is mostly a young group.
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    He makes you question his instincts, then he plays really well. Rinse, repeat. Hard player to figure out.

    I will say his instincts seem better when Sean is on the field with him ....
  13. KJJ

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    Jaylon led the team with 11 tackles yesterday. LVE only had 5 tackles. Expectations have gotten so high for Jaylon after last season that if he gets fooled on a play or two fans think he’s not playing well.
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