CZ POLL Are you happy with Dak as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

Are you happy with Dak as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

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Given the way the team has played recently, I thought it would be good to gauge the general feeling about Dak on the site now and then revisit it after the season is over.

As always, I do not provide easy-way-out options in my polls. If you are unable or unwilling to vote, that is fine, but the ones who do vote will speak for you.

To protect fans from harassment from both sides of the debate, this poll will be anonymous so no one will see how you vote.


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People are so reactive. I was the biggest dak critic when he replaced Romo, but there is no doubt we are good at qb. Will he win a sb? Who freaking knows, but I'd take dan fours and he never won a sb.

people have been say this about dak for a long time (i am one)

which is why there was so much argument about his contract and if cowboys should even sign him to a long deal it have always been a thing with dak and did not think he was worth the money it is not just reacting to the broncos raiders games


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At the moment? No.

In general? I have to also say no unfortunately. His rookie season was awesome and I didn't mind the early playoff defeat. Thought it would be only upwards from there.

Didn't happen. :(


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He misses such easy throws that drives me insane. He makes incredible throws as well. It's the easy ones that he misses that keep him from being a top 10 type of QB. That throw to 85 yesterday in OT was so damn bad. No way does Aaron Rodgers or an elite level QB miss that throw in such a crucial moment. I'd love Dak at 30 million a year. He just isn't worth 40. We can win with him no doubt, but he isn't going to turn Laurent Robinson into a 11 TD a year player.


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Meh. Can never win 'em all with Coaches or QBs. Take this poll after a win and I guarantee there is a 10% flip Dak's direction.

My observations:

Doesn't turnover the ball much. Many of the fans seems to like the trigger happy or run and fumble risk-takers who have as many turnovers as TDs. (see Romo) What makes Dak great at not turning over the ball also doesn't always endear him to fans.
Reads quickly and releases fast. Big reason his accuracy is so high. Again, doesn't make many of the dumb decisions.
Acceptable arm strength for the pros. He's not one of those guys who will break some fingers when thrown just right, but few are.
Athletic, can still show it when needed. But he's unstoppable if the offensive line is blocking well because of his ability to read quickly and his great technique.
Right personality for a leader. Good in locker room and on bench, gets entire team involved. Not one of those QBs who the team could care less. Not introverted or clicky.

Can be inaccurate at times. Almost seems to struggle on short and medium routes the most and usually when he has to put the ball out in front. Good accuracy stats, but he does make some throws sometimes that leave you scratching your head. Good news is most of them this year have been last few games with an inconsistent offensive line.

Mobility? Defenses used to talk about it before playing us. Even the Coach and GMs say he shouldn't run as much after his injuries, but it definitely helped his game and the team earn some 1st downs and TDs. Doesn't have to be Lamar Jackson, but keep defenses honest and learn to slide.


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Is there a sometimes button. Lol. Up until the broncos game he was playing really good. But since the calf strain he don’t look the same at all. He refuses to use his legs to extend drives. You have a 3rd and 2 and roll out with 7 easy yards in front of you and you throw a pass to a covered WR. I could see if he was wide open but come on. If he continues to not use his legs we are in trouble. Especially with players out.


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He has not played well lately. I don't know if that's the recent injury, the recent lack of important supporting cast players, or recent tougher opponents.

My issue is this; injuries are a part of the game, you're not going to have All-Pros at all offensive spots, and the playoffs entail a lot of tough opponents.

That's not what you pay 40 mil for. You pay 40 mil for someone who will put the team on this back and win the tough games.


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I voted yes because there are no better options now.
He’s certainly not in the league of a Staubach or an Aikman, but guys like that are rare.
In my mind he’s not worth $40 million a year, but then maybe I’m just an old fart who’s not used to today’s salary scale for quarterbacks.
I do appreciate that he’s out there right now without his top two wide receivers and a messed up offensive line. But I expect a quarterback to be able to do more than bounce balls in front of the receivers in overtime with a game on the line.
He is the starting quarterback on my fantasy team so the yards and numbers that he puts up are great for fantasy football. But in real football you have to deliver victories with a game on the line. He often falls short there like he did yesterday.
But I know things could be and have been a lot worse like the clown parade of quarterbacks we had from Aikman to Romo.

So a qualified yes from me.
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