CZ POLL Are you happy with Dak as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

Are you happy with Dak as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

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Meh. Can never win 'em all with Coaches or QBs. Take this poll after a win and I guarantee there is a 10% flip Dak's direction.

My observations:

Doesn't turnover the ball much. Many of the fans seems to like the trigger happy or run and fumble risk-takers who have as many turnovers as TDs. (see Romo) What makes Dak great at not turning over the ball also doesn't always endear him to fans.
Reads quickly and releases fast. Big reason his accuracy is so high. Again, doesn't make many of the dumb decisions.
Acceptable arm strength for the pros. He's not one of those guys who will break some fingers when thrown just right, but few are.
Athletic, can still show it when needed. But he's unstoppable if the offensive line is blocking well because of his ability to read quickly and his great technique.
Right personality for a leader. Good in locker room and on bench, gets entire team involved. Not one of those QBs who the team could care less. Not introverted or clicky.

Can be inaccurate at times. Almost seems to struggle on short and medium routes the most and usually when he has to put the ball out in front. Good accuracy stats, but he does make some throws sometimes that leave you scratching your head. Good news is most of them this year have been last few games with an inconsistent offensive line.

Mobility? Defenses used to talk about it before playing us. Even the Coach and GMs say he shouldn't run as much after his injuries, but it definitely helped his game and the team earn some 1st downs and TDs. Doesn't have to be Lamar Jackson, but keep defenses honest and learn to slide.

Pretty much sums up my view on him.

I think his unwillingness to run has hurt the offense some, along with injuries, but Carr was playing us without his #1 WR and TE and he managed. No team is 100% this time of the year.

I think you can win a Superbowl with Dak at QB, but I don't see it happening this year.


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And what did that get us? It's Romo all over again. Pretty stats, but shrink's when it matters.

Go ahead and blame the defense while ignoring that winning team's defense ALSO gave up over 30 point

Dak had his chance and failed miserably when it mattered. Carr didn't. That was the difference Thursday.
Nailed it!
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