Bease went from pretender to contender in 1 year

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Praxit, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Praxit

    Praxit Well-Known Member

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    ....and I was one those saying, let him go. He's going to regret it. He going to wish he stayed in Dallas.

    Life can really make us look stupid sometimes.. :omg:
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  2. Lutonio

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    Yeah. I wish he had stayed here so he could be rotated out on crucial 4th down plays.
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  3. Fontaine

    Fontaine Well-Known Member

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    As much as I respect the bills and what they’ve been able to accomplish this season, I don’t think they make it past the wildcard game. But either way, it’s nice to see them in the playoffs. They have a passionate fan base that’s been in the basement for a long long time, hopefully they can prove me wrong.
  4. cowboy_ron

    cowboy_ron You Can't Fix Stupid

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    Garrett's going from loser to unemployed loser in just one year.
  5. boxer-rumble

    boxer-rumble Well-Known Member

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    He’s always been a solid player but for whatever reason a combination of the coaching staff, scheme, and QB couldn’t utilize him the best way consistently. He’s had a great year this season with the Bills.
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  6. acr731

    acr731 Well-Known Member

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    Yep. Its been doing it to Jerry for the past 25 years.
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  7. Praxit

    Praxit Well-Known Member

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    .....I really dont see what team could hire him either. 10 yrs of 8-8 ball.
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  8. Wizarus

    Wizarus Well-Known Member

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    Nothing surprising. Romo gets forced out and suddenly we can't utilize our offensive weapons anymore?
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  9. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

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    Bigger contract
    Playoff bonuses.
    Away from this mess of an organization .
  10. PUSHfold

    PUSHfold Well-Known Member

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    Forced out? Romo's body is what forced him out, dude was a walking injury...he got season ending injuries every other game he played his final couple of years. I love how Romo gets romanticized all the time on here but except a couple years he was very average and his teams couldn't get it done no matter what was on the line. Win and in? He'd throw a pick on the last drive of the game down by 4.

    It's crazy to me that we find a 4th round QB who's above average and all people want to do is get rid of him.
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  11. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Amazing what a good coach can do with a slightly above average player.
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  12. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Amazing how many fans selectively forget that stuff.
    A friend of mine for the last 4 years now acts as if Romo was Brady like here. When before he was frustrated with him.

    And Dak has the same team issues as Tony had. Offense but no defense.
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  13. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    still don’t want him
    Bills can have him
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  14. johneric8

    johneric8 Well-Known Member

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    Beasley has been fire at crucial times for the bills and he is absolutely loving his new team and the atmosphere. I say good for the beazer getting out of dodge and getting to play for a well coached team.
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  15. SeanLee50

    SeanLee50 Well-Known Member

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    In Buffalo you play football. Dallas is a circus
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  16. johneric8

    johneric8 Well-Known Member

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    Yep, after the season the caption describing our boys should be "Unemployed Clowns"...
  17. ItzKelz

    ItzKelz Well-Known Member

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    What are the Bills contending for?
  18. landroverking

    landroverking Well-Known Member

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    I always thought Cole was the real deal and them boys blew it letting him walk.
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  19. pancakeman

    pancakeman Well-Known Member

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    I agree he's a quality player but I think if he'd have stayed, he would have more or less contributed what Cobb did.
  20. Red Dragon

    Red Dragon Well-Known Member

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    Beasley was a pompous egotistical jerk with terrible attitude, but a lot of his criticisms of the Cowboys were right on point.

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