Best Time to buy tickets to Lions-Cowboys game on December 26th

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Shunpike, Nov 28, 2016.

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    I'm in row 1 of 434, but the 300 level is quite a drop in height with all the suites, and mainly... The bathroom situation is perfect. Lol.
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    Did you buy the Club Level Seats or you're just saying they were cheaper, lol.
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    No, I bought them. :)

    Figured if I am going to fly out there, pay for a hotel for a few days etc. might as well get great seats.
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    Thanks for all the answers. Last question. I know it is right before Vikings game and bad timing on my part but couldn't wait. What are the chances for us to get some autographs for my son during warm ups? Will they let us go down to field level even if we have 300 or 400 level tickets? If yes, how many hours before the game time we should be inside the stadium?
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    Sorry for the bump. Getting ready to buy parking for the Lions game. Stubhub have some off site parking passes as can be seen from below link.

    Does anyone know if those off site parking locations offer any shuttle to the game or not? If no shuttle, how many minutes of walk are we looking at? Please note I will have a 12 year old walking with me. :)
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    I pay 20 dollars to park on Randol mill right at the intersection of Center street. It takes me about 15 minutes to walk to the stadium. The only bad part is crossing the two streets after the game. Sometimes the cops are there sometimes they are not and sometimes the cops are lazy and don't direct traffic and just stand there and its a free for all.

    Its going to be cold this sunday but no idea for next Monday night so the cold after the game is a factor for the walk also.

    and no shuttles or anything on that side of Collins for parking. You can park closer for 30.
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    Thanks theebs.
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