Big Contracts in 2019 - The real reason Dez was released

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jumbo075, May 16, 2018.

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    Back in 1989, Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys didn't have many good established players. The one great player they had was Herschel Walker. So they traded him to the Vikings for 7 draft picks, and 5 players. We all know what came next.

    Flash forward to 2018, and the Cowboys already have a bunch of good young players, but they need Salary CAP space in 2019 & 2020 - a lot of salary CAP space - to resign that good young talent base. So, a choice was made to part with Dez Bryant this season, and eat his entire Salary CAP hit. That reduces the Cowboys salary CAP hits by about $25M over two seasons. Witten's retirement frees up another $26M over the next 4 years. The Cowboys parted ways with Romo last year, freeing up $54M in CAP space planned for 2017-2019.

    Similar to the Herschel Walker decision, these choices allow the team to commit to younger talented players, and they hope is that a similar result will happen to when the Cowboys made a similar commitment to youth 29 years ago.

    The Cowboys have a number of players that will likely take a large chunk of the salary CAP in 2019 with much higher salaries than they currently are being paid.
    1. Dak Prescott - will command a contract worth $18-$22M per season, perhaps more.
    2. Zack Martin - the Cowboys are trying to sign Martin to a long-term deal this year. If they are unsuccessful, he'll be the franchise tag player a year from now. If they do sign him this year, his salary CAP hit next year will be substantial
    3. DeMarcus Lawrence - if he repeats his performance from last year, will command a long-term contract worth slightly less than Prescott's deal
    4. David Irving - this physical freak of nature hasn't yet put together a complete, unsuspended, uninjured year. If he does, the Cowboys will want to keep him around, and he might want a contract similar to the one the Cowboys anticipate giving Lawrence.
    In 2020, these players will have their contracts coming up for extensions or renewals.
    1. Byron Jones - the Cowboys picked up his 5th year option, and new DB coach Kris Richard calls him the "prototypical" cornerback for his system. That means the Cowboys will be paying Jones a lot more in 2019. If he breaks out over the next two seasons under Richard, he'll command top dollars in 2020.
    2. Ezekiel Elliott - while the Cowboys will almost certainly exercise the 5th year option on Elliott, his contract will be subject to renewal in 2020. Since entering the league, he's led the NFL in per game rushing yards each of his first two seasons. The Cowboys will be in talks with him in 2020, just as they are talking to Zack Martin now.
    3. La'el Collins - Collins current contract will expire after the 2019 season, and he'll be a free agent. If Collins develops into one of the better Right Tackles in the NFL, the Cowboys will want to lock him up on a long-term contract.
    4. Jaylon Smith - Smith will be a restricted free agent in 2020, and the Cowboys can keep him by giving him a 1st round tender offer. If he's fully healed, and back to performing like the top 5 pick many thought he'd be, then the Cowboys may choose to give him a long term extension earlier to potentially save money over time.
    5. Randy Gregory - Like Jaylon Smith, Gregory will also be a Restricted Free Agent in 2020. Like Jaylon, he was considered a top 5 talent in the draft that fell to the Cowboys in the 2nd round, and like Smith, he missed some seasons because of those reasons. But if he also comes back and performs at his talent level, the Cowboys will be talking about how to keep him with the Cowboys on a long-term deal.
    So, the Cowboys potentially have at least 9 big new contracts over the next two seasons to keep their young talent base intact. Managing the Salary CAP now also includes planning for 2019 and 2020. Those focused only on this year's Salary CAP are missing the bigger picture.
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    There’s a lot of players on that list I would be weary of paying.
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    I think Money played a part but I also think if he was playing to an elite level worthy of the money he was making that Dallas would have kept him.
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    Maliek Collins will also be coming up for a new contract in 2019 or 2020.

    2014 Rookie Class - Zack Martin, DeMarcus Lawrence, Anthony Hitchens
    2015 Rookie Class - Byron Jones, Randy Gregory, La'el Collins, David Irving
    2016 Rookie Class - Ezekiel Elliott, Jaylon Smith, Maliek Collins, Dak Prescott

    Those are the players the Cowboys will be making big choices on over the next two years. They already made one choice, in allowing 2014 Rookie LB Anthony Hitchens to leave. I'm not suggesting the Cowboys will retain all of their premium players from those 3 drafts, but they have to be planning for it anyway - just in case they want to keep them all.
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    The reach is strong with this thread.

    I appreciate the work out into it, but there are plenty of mischarcterizations and assumptions being made.
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    Why is Dez still being discussed?
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    Well. The Cowboys have worked hard to get into this position - with young players and second contracts.

    That's the one side of good drafting.
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    As of right now the 2019 list will cost about 10x more than the 2020 list.
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    IMVHO...Dak is no where close to being a franchise QB that you would want to lock up with over 100 million dollars.
    I would want to see a couple of seasons and see if he progresses before betting the farm on a QB who hasn't
    shown the ability to get the pass delivered on time and on target. Just saying.
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    And in other news, the sky is blue. :mad:
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    Jones, Smith, and Gregory have not shown they deserve extensions at all let alone being one of the larger contracts on the team.
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  12. big dog cowboy

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    Dez's contract was far to big for his skill set.

    The real reason he was released.

    No need to over complicate it.
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    As we sit today, I agree. After this season, I hope that each one of these guys will be looking for a nice payday. If you nomsayin'.
  14. stasheroo

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    And when you're reaching to worry about Jaylon Smith, Randy Gregory, and Maliek Collins' contracts coming up?

    You're looking really hard for things to worry about.
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    not all together true, they didnt even offer a lower price, he came around too late on taking a restructure to a more fair contract.. they let him go for many reasons Money was one but he would have taken less, hes still out there.. when you dont come with alower offer to player who most likely would have taken it, its more than money..his play on the field VS headaches vs Money was the equation to why he was released..him turning down, allegedly, the contract from Ravens shows how immature he still is, hes not thinking straight, all he can see now is getting back at the cowboys.. thats been the knock on dez since he arrived here, Immature, Volatile, and disruptive..thats ok when you are putting up 90-1400-10 but when you drop off , bye bye..he actually had solid career and I liked the guys passion but after that seatle game I realized it was time.. he let his emotions effect his game last was really the first time ive seen it that bad I think he had a good 2016 season 2015 he really didnt play enough and had bad qb play, so 2017 was the true drop off the cliff was overblown it wasn't 3 years of decline, truly last year was just the moment you can really see things go sideways..
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    Right, and they aren't signing them to long term deals today. but they do have to be thinking ahead and if they do break out and play like pro-bowlers then they have some decision to make going forward. If they don't, then they let them walk at the end of their current deals.
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    Better than the accuracy Wentz has shown his 1st 2 years. Dak needs targets that can run a route on time and get open on time too.
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    I like all of those guys....but with the exception of Martin and Lawrence....none of those guys have earned big contracts yet.
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    if the cowboys don't sign martin or Lawrence before next year they will lose one of them because they cant franchise both of them there is only one tag
  20. ESisback

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    The truly sad thing is the fact that many people don’t know the sky is blue...
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