Biggest Great White Shark Ever Spotted

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by timb2, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Melonfeud

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    Hey COLORADO!, have you (or anybody else, for that matter,) ever entertained yerself of that granted slight luxury in life's mental ponderations, in the personal envisioned thought, pertaining to the outright puzzled wonderment those very first red,yellow, black or white skinned feller's was profoundly befuddled with,,,, upon first cutting trail of that YELLOWSTONE A.O. territory?

    Man, I've never drifted far off from that thought.o_O:starspin:o_O
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  2. jimmy40

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    nice fish, who's the blonde?
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  3. daboyzruleperiod

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    The local news just showed this exact video. They said sharks are no threat to humans, that they have a bad name. A Pitbull has the same reputation. Doesn't mean I'll be petting one in the near future. That lady is literally insane.
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  4. Tabascocat

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    Sharks won't mess ya with on most occasions unless you look like a sea lion :laugh:

    With that said, if you put me in the open ocean and I had to choose a shark that I wouldn't want there..........I choose the Bull shark. Those guys have the nastiest temperent that I have come across, as far as sharks go.
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  5. rags747

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    WOW, this dude is totally insane. We will wind up reading about him one day if he does not change his habits. How old was that vid, any idea?
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  6. DFWJC

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    There are Great Whites longer than that.
    Not sure about the weight though
    2.5 tons
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  7. GMO415

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    Doubting Thomas here. I call BS on it .
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  8. DeathMonkey

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    Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks are the two breeds that attack people the most and give sharks as a whole a bad rep.
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  9. punchnjudy

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    Considering how often my cat has nipped at me for doing that, no way would I pet a great white shark.
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  10. jsb357

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    20ft long and 7-8 foot thick in the middle?

    can you image a bull that big?

    5000 lbs EASY

    See how those pectoral fins are relatively flat as she is moseying along?

    If she drops those fins to a 45 degree angle and starts an exaggerated
    zig-zagging swim motion, you better be clear of the water.

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