Biggest problem for our offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by nalam, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. jsb357

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    according to Garrett it's lack of execution.
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  2. kskboys

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    I completely agree. Just execute the right people, and all our problems are solved!!!!
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  3. Hennessy_King

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    Penalties, and drops. We are tied for the most drops and top 5 in penalty yards. We had a TD come back due to a penalty. And a drive killing penalty by tavon last week. Typical of a Garrett coached team.
  4. CowboysExchange

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    Its Garrett and this dual te passing offense that has 1 playoff td in 16 yrs. Name one game in 7 years where our tes actually scored or dominated an opposing above .500 defense outside of our division. But carrott top doesnt give up on the jumbo passing formations regardless of which scrub tes we have. Its never been Romo or Dak its the subpar tes weve been watching for 7-8 yrs
  5. GMO415

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    Our first half scoring is a result of such horrible field positions
  6. silvrNblue

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  7. silvrNblue

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    Stats are for LOSA's!! Oh wait...:lmao2:
  8. CowboyFanInLexKy

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    The bolded... That's how the 90's offense was... That's all Jason Garrett knows is 90's offense..
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  9. movaughn88

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    Come on dude have some pride.

    I posted this (original Sturm tweet) in another thread. You stole his wording and the graphic, at least attribute the source. SMDH.

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  10. CowboysFaninHouston

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    wait, what does where you start have to do with offensive philosophy..!!! SMH...that's bad defense that allows long, time consuming drives, gives up big plays and doesn't get turnovers. I bet you those teams have many of those.
  11. Hook'em#11

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    Naw, He's a side dish on the table while the pig with an apple in it's mouth is the bigger problem.
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  12. CowboysFaninHouston

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    smh….often turn overs are result of pressure on QB, forcing throws, making bad have to put pressure...which leads to bad throws and SACKS.....
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  13. 75boyz

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    I enjoy reading your big picture perspective analysis in the way you post. Usually with facts and/or links to support your position. I appreciate your insight and opinion.
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  14. nalam

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    True I wanted to copy the whole tweet but for some reason coudnt.
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  15. Legend

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    90s offense was more. Emmitt ran sweeps, tosses, counters, and draws as well. Irvin also ran slants and went across the middle of the field. A lot of timing routes based on QB accuracy.

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  16. cowboyec

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    dropped passes.
    lazy throws into coverage.
    holding penalties.
    uncalled interference on our receivers and TE.
  17. movaughn88

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    its okay man, I was being a cop, we are all in a bad state these days lol.
  18. buybuydandavis

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    Gregory played 12 games his rookie year too. Didn't do much, but he played.
  19. BigTimeBlues

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    Also interesting note: San Fran, New England and Philly are ahead of Dallas in points and points per game. Dallas is still in the top 10 of both categories.

    Detroit and Pittsburgh? Much closer to the bottom.

    I don't think that's our worst issue on offense, it's seemingly not being able to score more than what the defense allows.

    Yeah, starting in opponents territory makes it easier to score, yet, we're still scoring in spades.
  20. khiladi

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    Yep, which is why I said it generically as “last year and other years”. It would have been crazy to have Irving. Gregory and Tank active in the same day, despite DLaws down year. Even with the down year, it would be ridiculous to assume the other two wouldn’t open things up for him.

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