Bittersweet win?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. CowboysDrew

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    My friends, I wanted Garrett gone after 8-8 number 3. Still do.

    But whatever. I'm going to take beating these POS Eagles every time it happens.
  2. Mr_V

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    :lmao: I will give you 2 reasons why we might. Linehan and Little Red Corvette.
  3. thisiscowboyscountry

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    Nothing bittersweet about beating the Eagles. No draft position to play for either so why not enjoy the win? Yes the coaching staff wont be getting fired soon, but they still have another 7 games to mess it up, or right the ship.
  4. stasheroo

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    I can't "hate" a win. Especially when the players truth deserved it. My own stance on Garrett is well established and I root for him to be gone, but I can't ever be "unhappy" after a win.
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  5. dplant22

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    It was great to beat the Eagles on their home turf. That being said, every time the Cowboys made a nice play and they cut away to Garrett's smirk it made me want to vomit. To me this win is a step in the wrong direction. The reason Philly lost wasn't a break through of the Dallas Offense, Philly D was on the field almost 20 minds in the first half and ran out of gas in the second. Credit our O-line with that and not anything Garrett or Linehan were calling.

    I really hate that I feel this way but I do. This tram would be so much better with a good head coach and offensive coordinator
  6. xwalker

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    I get the feeling that the Joneses know that they need a better offensive scheme.

    The sentiment from multiple local media has changed in regards to Garrett. They laughed in the past when asked if Garrett would get fired but now they've changed their tune.
  7. Beaker42

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    Worst possible outcome.
  8. stiletto

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    There's NO SUCH THING as a bitter sweet win against the raggedy Eagles. They are all sweet I don't care what the situation is.....a big F them...
  9. waving monkey

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    Every time I think I'm out they keep pullin me back in
  10. rpntex

    rpntex Well-Known Member

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    Not saying this is the case here, but we have all seen a win like this serve as a “springboard“ on to bigger and better things, especially for a young team such as Dallas . A young team often times needs to learn how to win a close game on the road like this.

    Of course, I thought the same thing after the win against Jacksonville. We’ll see if this is any different.
  11. Chrispierce

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    I like beating Philly...but I don’t really care for this team as is. It’s got too many issues going back to last year. Things need to be dealt with.
  12. StarBoyz83

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    I enjoyed it. I dont get to watch many live games and almost passed on this one but didnt.

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