Bob Costas is a (fill in the blank)

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Shotgun Dave, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Just trying to add a little humor to a situation that, IMO, is really rather asinine. Where does it stop, my friend? When do we reach the point where we are so PC that all the offended are satisfied? Who is it going to be next, if the "native Americans" are assuaged? I guess if I don't agree with those claiming they are offended, I will be branded with the "R" word. If that's so, then in your mind that's what I am, and no amount of mea culpas will change that. I learned a long time ago that I can't make everybody happy.
    BTW, I don't like the word or intent of the word 'profiling'. I prefer the term 'situational awareness' instead.
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    Ideally, it should stop with common sense. Common sense should tell everyone that a word that dictionaries define as a racial slur and that disappeared from the vernacular 50 years ago because it was considered racist should not be used as a team name. If a word doesn't reach or approach those levels, then that same common sense should identify any outrage as fake or undeserved. Also, no one is asserting that those who support keeping the name are racist. I understand the arguement on the other side, I just think its wrong.
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    Then I defer to your thoughts that the name is offensive! From now on, I think they should just delete the most offensive part of the name and just refer to them as "The Redskins".;)
    BTW, should we also change the name of the state of Oklahoma? I believe the name Oklahoma is Choctaw for "red people".
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    That would be a perfect example of not using common sense. The word Oklahoma never evolved into a racial slur to the point that dictionaries defined it as such and the public at large dropped it from the vernacular for being racist. Common sense should tell anyone that outrage or offense over that word in unjustified and should be ignored.
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    The season's gonna be a long one. I don't want to miss out on the comments on this forum, wise and otherwise, concerning football. Therefore I back out of this thread before I get banned.:)
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    Bob Costas is a fine on air talent.
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    Very well put/explained.

    But when someone is pushing an agenda it doesn't work.
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    The funny part is if he used his platform to share views that agreed with those bashing him, not only would it be appropriate, they would love him.
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    They probably would. I like Costas. He's just a smart little dude who does his job. The Redsk**ns name stuff is just controversy-bait. It's pretty interesting how many Cowboys fans feel so strongly about it, though. Not saying anything about their feelings, one way or another, just that it's interesting that they're as fervent as they are about protecting the name.
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    I think Costa takes on topics that are better for some pre game show than it is during the games even if it is half time. He tells us what he thinks, who cares what you think Costa we are here to watch a football game not to see some squirt on his soap box.

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