Twitter: Bob Sturm breaks down Jabril Cox's coverage ability

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by beware_d-ware, Jun 1, 2021.

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    I meant a 3 down player, yes, right now he could be a nickel linebacker.
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    Speaking of making no sense, why do you always spiral when you get mad? And why are you mad? Who said I had ANY expectation for Smith? He came in with a huge question mark over his head, surprised with one season, then stunk up the joint. And yes, you could replace him with any scrub and get the same production for much cheaper. Of course NOW they want to improve that position, after paying him a literal fortune. Doesn't change the fact Smith is a bum. Looks like you are the one "butt hurt"...*cringe*.
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    lol, yeah, I'm spiraling completely out of control. I'm talking about looking at things with logic, and you are repeatedly ranting about Smith and calling him a bum, and your response is to say I'm mad. Well, you are consistent with your lack of logic.

    As for replacing him with "any scrub", that's nonsensical for two reasons …

    1. I have already mentioned this, if you are going to replace him, why would you even suggest doing it with "any scrub" instead of an upgrade?

    2. If you think playing in the NFL is so easy that you can pull "any scrub" off their couch or a practice squad and he will do as well as a starting NFL player, even if that player is an average or below average player, then clearly you have no ties to reality. Being disappointing as a starter, as Smith has been, does not equate to "any scrub". "Any scrub" would never have been an NFL starter to begin with, or made a Pro-Bowl, or made a boatload of tackles, even if many of those tackles were too far beyond the line of scrimmage to have a positive impact.

    You are just taking an extreme view for the sake of dramatic effect.
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    Playmaker with history of making plays. The only thing that will stop him in the NFL is himself or Jerry "Dumbo GM" Jones. He reminds me of Darren Woodson out of college at ASU. Yes, I will say it over and over again. He is only a 4.35-4.4 40yd time of reminding me the former 1st round Linebacker pick out of Langston University.
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    You should know about trying to create drama...for no apparent reason. And yes, you get mad with the best of them here.

    1. You're taking what I say WAY too literal. "Any scrub" means any body able to play in the NFL. Did you really think I meant the local self-checkout assistant at Tom Thumb? You or I? It means any scrub who's sitting on the couch waiting for a call, or any unsigned scrub, or any 7th round scrub. Any scrub. I'll give Smith credit for his one good year. But now he's a scrub, whether that hurts your feelings or not.

    2. I never said we shouldn't or don't want to upgrade to better talent...not once, and the fact that you claim I did means you either don't fully read, can't fully comprehend, or just want to argue. My point was simply that you could literally take any scrub and replace Smith, not that you WANT to. It was a way to underscore what trash Smith is, and that the same production could be achieved with an equal scrub for far cheaper that the hit we are now dealing with. That's about as close to holding your hand on this subject as I can get.
  6. OmerV

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    The fact you wrote "any scrub" rather than indicating any player capable of being in the NFL just proves my point that you were going for dramatic effect.

    But even if you had indicated any player capable of playing in the NFL instead of "any scrub", that would still be exaggeration. That indicates the very bottom of the barrel LB in the entire NFL could do as good a job, but the reality is, even though Smith has been disappointing, not every NFL LB can even be considered for the Pro Bowl, much less get chosen, and not every NFL LB can accumulate large tackle totals, even if too many are too far downfield. Many never even sniff a starting gig or even work into a rotation. For that matter, many are lucky to stick around even a season or two as a special teams player.

    But, again, acknowledging that instead of pushing exaggeration doesn't have the same dramatic effect.
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    I'm sorry you don't know what to take and not take literally. Most people can decipher these things.

    To the point of NFL LBs, of course you can't insert just any LB and say "Pro Bowl". But it's also reasonable to expect an average LB to at least not be a laughable liability, which Smith is, often seemingly not even aware which direction he's facing. It's even more reasonable to expect this of a LB getting paid like he's at the top of the NFL class.
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    I think they’re gonna want to see how he plays in Quinn’s scheme before trying to jettison him. If he drops off like he has the past couple years they’re gonna have a hard time finding a trade partner.
  9. gimmesix

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    That's not the reason the third-rounders need to pan out, since we still got Cox. Can't rue over something you didn't lose. The third-rounders need to pan out because there were other players considered to be higher-rated that we could have chosen with those picks ... and still got Cox in the fourth.
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    I sure hope you're right, Amigo. That will be a great improvement to the defense if he plays anywhere near Woodson's level of play.

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