Boycott until Garrett is fired

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by tm1119, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Dallas has been the Bengals for 22 years and counting. The one common thread through all this mediocrity is Jerry. So, you can change the head coach, but if you don't change the ROLE of the head coach, it won't matter. Jerry has reduced the role of the HC to the point where he's just clapping and throwing challenge flags.
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    Cowboy Ron understands the problem. There is an alternative and it's called college football. The Texas and Texas A&M athletic directors are doing what the Jones's refuse to do, which is, get the hell out of the way and hire football guys. Thank you for your attention.
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    I’m not familiar with any notable organized boycotts against any sports organizations?

    We’ve seen fans walk away and apathetic losing interest over teams lack of success over time like we witnessed here in late 80’s for example. We had as low as 40,000 at some games. Fans were having to drive beyond the 75 mile radius to watch Blackout games. It was the first time I recalled Blackouts since all Home games were blackout before the 1973 new rule.

    We had tens of thousands walk away after Landry was fired , then frustration over Jimmy departure and season ticket holders not making the move to new stadium. But again nothing officially organized. They just walked away.

    We’ve seen other franchises fans become frustrated with their team moving or lack of success but again no formal protest . The closet thing I’ve seen in my lifetime was in Cleveland as Municipal Stadium became a ghost town towards the end of the season while fans even did some physical damage to stadium but again no formal boycotts.

    I don’t think we’ll see organized boycotts, protest or marches for a sports entertainment entity like we do on public issues as we’ve witnessed.
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    I agree but that observation (true or not) does not dissuade some people from continually issuing a call to arms on sites like this one. In the past, I would question the viable logic behind such gestures but eventually realized some people need a emotional outlet that sites like this provide to ease their inner frustration--despite the realization such proclamations are DOA before their thread or post is created.
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    I'm really not sure Garrett is so lame that it is him that is holding the team back, I definitely could be wrong about that though, Dak does need to pull his socks up for next year though, I'll be watchin or going to JWorld and not planning on a Boycott anytime ever.
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    Nothing is changing until Jerry is gone...
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    I can't say that I won't watch... I love my Cowboys. I will not, however, buy merch or tickets.

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