Brice > Dez?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by T-RO, Sep 11, 2017.

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    You can tell the posters who watch ESPN and treat it like the Gospel. Tantrums. Good Lord.
    Probably thought Romo was a choker too.

    We did have some rough games to end the year, Vikings and Giants, but they both have good defenses.

    As for this thread, I can't look at thielen catch percentage and compare it to Dez. Too many variables. Does Dak and Dez need to improve their completion percentage? Yes. But I can't put all the blame on Dez. Sure, he may not be that quick ankle breaking receiver like Bease who can always get open on 5-10 yard routes, but he does offer big play ability either by out jumping the cb or RAC. Not going to over analyze a week 1 game against a rival that has a corner that matches well against dez.
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    I agree with most of what you've said here. To be clear...again..I definitely expect some big games from Dez this year.

    But Dak is on the opposite end of things as Tony...he prefers moderate-risk plays. Throwing into small windows where defenders are tight...isn't something Dak seems as comfortable with.
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    Yeah that is why defense puts their best CB on Dez? lol Butler is not better not close to being better. Dez will often draw the double and always gets the opposing teams top CB. When Dallas faces Washington see who Josh Norman is covering Butler or Dez. This post is silly
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    Its the season opener and a victory over the Giants. The defense outplayed the offense...what more do you want. The offense will is still good. 19-3 sounds a lot better than a loss.
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    Saying Brice is greater than Dez is going a bit too far. Now if the question is asked, T Will > Dez?... that might be right.

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    I already pointed out to him why his catch % was so low - 3 games did it to him, he had 14 targets in the Eagles game, and 14 targets combined in the Giants game. Both games which Dak was just awful, and he only caught I believe 4 balls. Outside of those games and the Browns game, Dez was well above 50% in catches in every game.

    This is what happens when people just go by raw statistics - they get egg on their face.
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    Is this stupid thread still going on?
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    Its too early to say anything about Bryant. After 8 games lets see whats left. If he doesn't have a big season he is done in Dallas.
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