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Broaddus tweet on Brent FWIW

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by RS12, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Craig

    Craig Well-Known Member

    2,651 Messages
    1,910 Likes Received
    No, its not a season long suspension. Its a one year suspension. 365 days.
  2. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

    28,057 Messages
    9,903 Likes Received
    wait until the appeal decision is announced....
  3. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    60,477 Messages
    63,417 Likes Received
    The decision on Josh Gordon has not been made either. For whatever reason, it is taking forever.
  4. pancakeman

    pancakeman Well-Known Member

    3,253 Messages
    1,786 Likes Received
    "I believe" clearly sounds like guessing to me.
  5. Craig

    Craig Well-Known Member

    2,651 Messages
    1,910 Likes Received
    Ok well thats not what you were talking about. You referenced the same thing i did, which is the current suspension. Which takes him to this day a year from now if it starts now.
  6. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

    28,057 Messages
    9,903 Likes Received
    The appeal is what it pending, not the suspension. So there has been no decision.
  7. Craig

    Craig Well-Known Member

    2,651 Messages
    1,910 Likes Received
    Do you just like to argue for the sake of argument? Find someone else.
  8. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Moderator

    79,769 Messages
    53,927 Likes Received
  9. Floatyworm

    Floatyworm The Labeled One

    12,578 Messages
    10,618 Likes Received
    That was my thinking....It's not like the league has suspended him in the first place. Have Brent sign his unretirement papers and get this thing started...and then let's see where this goes.
  10. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Moderator

    54,220 Messages
    19,656 Likes Received
    The topic of this thread is Brent returning to the team, league action, suspension, and yada. Keep it on that. The staff is not going to police one more thread about drunk driving and your opinion on it. You can start and comment on that in the Off Topic or Rant Zone. And posts not related to the topic will be deleted.
  11. StarMan2112

    StarMan2112 Well-Known Member

    1,710 Messages
    1,522 Likes Received
    Still don't understand all the fuss over a JAG.
  12. casmith07

    casmith07 Attorney-at-Zone

    31,538 Messages
    9,312 Likes Received
    Is this a serious post?
  13. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    30,889 Messages
    44,533 Likes Received
    The league's problem is the sheer volume and complexity of these issues.

    Beating girlfriends, bomb threats in airports, multiple drug busts, intoxicated manslaughter, owners in illegal business deals, owners with substance addictions, countless players with PED violations and drug issues.....

    The Commissioner is like a prison ward. This is all Goodell is doing most days.
  14. Bullflop

    Bullflop Well-Known Member

    16,013 Messages
    19,402 Likes Received
    By Broaddus' own reply, he's simply stating what he believes to be the case about when the decision concerning Brent may be rendered. What he believes is merely that. It really doesn't necessarily mean he has any inside scoop what is transpiring in the privacy of Goodell's office. In fact, I'd be surprised if he did. We'll all find out within the commish's time schedule, not Broaddus'.
  15. jterrell

    jterrell Penguinite

    28,057 Messages
    9,903 Likes Received
    That's simply not true. The NFL as a whole is not even at the average rate of offenses. Teams are so large and there are so many teams and every event is covered infinitely by media but the truth is the league is fairly well behaved.

    Guys who have acted out do get punished and repeat offenders have very short shelf lives in this league.

    The issues you describe have taken place over years not months.

    Anyone that works in HR will tell you most businesses face these issues to some extent. Drug and alcohol addiction are very real.
    Family violence is hardly unheard of. The simple fact is our legal rights mean most of those things do not come to light publicly.

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