Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TexasFrog, Feb 11, 2019.

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    So they get rid of Manziel and sign Hunt...k
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  3. Alexander

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  4. nightrain

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    He should be eligible to play by Thanksgiving.
  5. Northern_Cowboy

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    He will get the mandatory 6 games, based on how he has handled himself since all of this came to light (not blaming anyone but himself for his actions, going to councelling and anger management classes) he seems like someone who should get a 2nd chance, he is not running from it or denying it, unlike others. He will get his 2nd chance what he does with it will be entirely up to him and if it works out the Browns will have gotten a steal if it doesn't it's going to cost them 1m (pro-rated to about 600K for the games he gets suspended). Very smart move by the Browns if you ask me
  6. Mountaineerfan

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    I like it.
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  7. nightrain

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    Low risk, potentially high reward.
  8. cowboy_ron

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    1M investment.....definately worth the contract......I was hoping he wouldn't end up in philly
  9. Mr_437

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    That was quick, but I didn't even think about him being eligible before FA.
  10. Tabascocat

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    If he stays on the straight and narrow, serves his suspension............this makes the Browns dangerous, the 2019 AFCN champions :omg:
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  11. BoltsNHorns

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    I'm going to start a petition to ban Kareem Hunt from the NFL permanently. He doesn't deserve a second chance, he doesn't deserve any chance. His friends tried to stop him and he still went and kick the girl.

    I hope nothing but the absolute worst for the Brown franchise. I would rather worship Brady and see Kareem Hunt with a career ending injury. What does this say about the NFL?

    I'm absolutely livid. I don't know what worst, Rams losing the SB or Hunt being able to go back into the NFL?
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  12. jrumann59

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    hmmmm. So if it was you you would feel like you should not be allowed back into your profession of choice.
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  13. BoltsNHorns

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    I wouldn't be that stupid and I don't hit women. And if it was me, then I accept my mistake and move on. Cause I'm still wondering why Arron Hernandez is not given a 2nd chance, he only made one mistake.

    You see where I am going with this. Kareem Hunt should not be 100 yard within any football facility.
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  14. Melonfeud

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    Yer' absolute lividness wears well upon yer' displayed footballish fandom my newfound forum friend, and, if you don't mind my mentioning of it, , , yer' of star status while sportin' it out on the supermodel fashion catwalk,,, er,,, my "sight beyond sight" is indicating you'll likely be receiving a heart shaped box of chocolates, flowers& a weaved/ braided pubic hair friendship pinky ring from Tom Brady on or about Feb. 14tho_O

    please,by all means keep us abreast& current as it unfurls for you in the future, will-ya,Bro? :thumbup::):thumbup:
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  15. dogberry

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    Why weren't criminal charges filed?
  16. jrumann59

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    Aaron Henandez was not given a second chance because he was in prison. So you are OK that he can still work he just can't play in the NFL. Got it. Quit deflecting, if it was you would you be OK with not working in the field that that you are good at. I do not care if you beat woman or not, what if you got drunk and caused an accident, should you be allowed to work in the field you went to college, trade school, military or wherever or should you be relegated to bagging groceries down at the local super market?
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  17. BoltsNHorns

    BoltsNHorns RamsFan

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    Probably pay off the charge.
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  18. BoltsNHorns

    BoltsNHorns RamsFan

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    Some people in prisoner get 2nd chance.

    If I got drunk and caused an accident, I shouldn't be allowed to work and should have a DUI on my record for life that hurts my chances of getting employment. I believe DUI should land you in jail at least for 2 years. DUI should be no different from someone who is a sex offender. I don't care if I make a mistake or someone else does. You make a mistake you deal with the consequences. No 2nd chance!
  19. jrumann59

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    Hernandez died in prison and his sentence was life without the chance of parole, if it was another state he would have gotten the death penalty. Please take off the dancing shoes. If you do something stupid should you not be able to be employed in what you do well, there are numerous companies that give people chances, if you are good at what you do should your stupidity preclude you from doing what you are good at. Are you a young person? You argue like a young person.
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  20. BoltsNHorns

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    This will be the 2nd longest thread in the history of CZ with the exception of "I like beer" thread in the new members sub because I'm not letting this stuff go. It hit close to home for me and I truly hope for the success of AAF and XFL because I want both of those league to overtake the NFL. I was imagining to myself when the Fleet QB took that massive hit to the head it was Tom Brady instead and it make me feel all warm and tingle inside :D
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