BTB: Rank the NFCE QBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Nov 25, 2020.

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    This year, Wentz goes down to 3rd or 4th. We'll see if he recovers.
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    Rank is how they smell!
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    At this point, how can they rank Wentz ahead of Jones? Both are bad, but Wentz is reaching the level of being an all-time epic failure.
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    Clearly was his fave target in seasons past.
    He only had 178 yards and 1TD receiving in the 6 games he played and was relegated to 2nd TE behind Dallas.
    Eagles were supposedly having trade talks for Ertz.
    I'm just saying Dallas and Rodgers isn't a bad TE set right now.
    The are both playing well.

    Eagles have been hit hard by injury bug for sure. And Wentz is hurt by that but his fumbling and INT problems are largely self-inflicted.
    He has a very good defense to ride and doesn't have to try to play every series in boom or bust fashion as his Coach is saying.

    Dak had insane injury woes to deal with (he also lost Witten to FA and Jarwin at TE before game 1) up front and was still leading the league in passing.
    Dak went down and Dallas scored 10 a game.
    Wentz isn't alone in this COVID season in facing in having to play short-handed.
    He's simply playing the worst football of any regular starter.
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