News: BTB: Report: Cowboys will “work to” extend head coach Jason Garrett this offseason

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    After a successful season, it looks like Jason Garrett has established his position once again.

    The Dallas Cowboys shocked the world this season when they turned their 3-5 record into a division-winning 10-6 season that up until now includes one playoff win.

    Plenty of credit for the turnaround has been attributed to Jason Garrett, the coach who guided them through the slosh and who’s mantra of fight seems to be one the team has adopted to a great degree. Like him or not, the reality is that the Cowboys as a team fight for Jason Garrett.

    As the Cowboys are preparing for their next playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams, talk of Jason Garrett’s success has been making its way through NFL circles. On Saturday morning, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Cowboys will begin talks about an extension with Garrett in the offseason, and it’s expected to be a “lucrative” one. For what it’s worth, Jerry Jones did hint at a possible Garrett extension earlier this week.

    From @gmfb Weekend: The #Cowboys are all about the playoffs now, but after the season they'll get down to business. They will work to extend coach Jason Garrett's contract.

    — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 12, 2019

    Jason Garrett is finishing his eighth full season with the Cowboys and only has one losing record in that time. Dallas has won the division in three of their last five seasons, advancing to the divisional round in each of those efforts. There’s definitely a lot to be made of the success that they’ve had under Jason Garrett.

    Hopefully things will continue to flourish under Jason Garrett’s leadership as it looks like he’ll be around for much longer. Get ready for more Red Ball in your life.

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    its a huge mistake but its going to happen
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    is that Michael Keaton or JG? lol...jeesh.. Love how JG has rallied the troops, but extending him? I think if anything,let him finish his current deal. THEN TAKE A LOOK.

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