Callahan Called The Ultimate Bus Driver's Game

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by CF74, Sep 13, 2013.

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    I would like that as I have Dez on my fantasy team lol
  2. theebs

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    I don't know about a mouse in his pocket but there are certainly bats in the belfry.
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  3. ShiningStar

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    I think my point was we won, we did win, so i win twice, and thats win win.
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  4. cowboys1981

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    I've never heard of so much complaining after a win. This is ridiculous. Despite all of the yards, points scored or allowed, what matters is the final score. Dissecting a game with numbers can be left to the experts, not those pretending to be.
  5. CF74

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    Well anywho I'm hoping Dunbar, Austin, and Harris can pick up the slack this week and take those 5 yard hand offs and run 20+ yards, if not to the house..

    That will help our situation tremendously. Dunbar is the one who will really make teams pay if given the opportunity, hoping he gets healthy soon...
  6. CF74

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    Uh no Beavis, the point of the thread.

  7. Toruk_Makto

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    Down the stretch?

    It's week 1.
  8. zrinkill

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    Anyone who cannot see that Romo is a good QB is just straight up football obtuse.
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  9. Maxmadden

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    Not sure what the point of the thread was but the key noun was Callahan. Why is it Romo's fault for the conservative game plan. Every Qb in the playoffs lost last year (except Flacco) and they ultimately were unable to bring their team back from a deficit to move on and thus failed at some point. We were behind in every game last year and fortunately had Romo to bring us back most of the time against the odds. We finally had a chance to play with a lead this year and we played conservative to preserve the win. WTH
  10. blindzebra

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    The point of the thread was to attack Romo...nothing more.

    The only fail was opening the thread and not having you on ignore...YET
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  11. Staubacher

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    Based on the commentary I'm guessing that mouse is a flask of Beam
  12. Kevinicus

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    So...the offense is supposed to somehow score points off of turnovers that the defense already scored on? Riiiiight....
  13. CF74

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    Uhm no dude if you were following the thread the previous poster said Romo scored 24 points off 6 turnovers...

    -Blind homers
  14. Wolf2k5

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    Ugh. So tired of rehashed bs with zero knowledge. It's getting irritating. Go trade for Payton in your madden franchise then....
  15. iceberg

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    this the same D that couldn't stop the giants when it mattered?

    it was a team effort. it was ugly. it was a lot of things.

    but it was one single god **** game, not our entire future.

    got i hate the IGS.
  16. sbark

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    Callahan called a bus driver game?.............I thought Romo changed virtually every call with audibles?
  17. Kevinicus

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    Uh no dude, you implied the team didn't do much with 6 turnovers, when the fact is they got 24 pts, which was pointed out to you. Then you said the defense scored on 2 so it didn't apply to the offense...but you stuck to the 6 number, as if the offense should have got more out of the turnovers they had no opportunity with. If you're going to limit things to the offense, then stop using the 6 and use the 4.

    Really, does having an agenda mess with the logic/reasoning part of the brain that much?
  18. SDCowboy

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    Oh, a CowboyFan74 thread...
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  19. CF74

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    Whaaaa!!! Stop picking on Romo!!!
  20. dooomsday

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    Now Im no football genius who can watch Romo go 8-8 while folding in the biggest game of the year and a few months later completely block that out and talk about how lucky we are to have him solely based on stats vs bad teams and his meaningless 4th quarters like an astute football mind, BUT;

    Im pretty sure if you are taking what the D gives you, you are playing into their game plan by NOT doing what they dont want you to. .A 105 million dollar QB we are lucky to have should dictate what we do, not visa versa. O has the advantage. By rules, by forward motion, but knowing what they are doing; while the D doesnt. You may as well substitute being fooled with taking what they gave us. If not for the D we get crushed and Eli out plays Romo by a lot.

    And for the record, since Romo choked in the last game of last year, the advantage in the argument is now with the non homers who were proven correct.... until such time as he proves otherwise.

    And guess what? I can criticize the approach and Im still glad we won! : - p

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