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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, May 15, 2018.

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    I know we have carried a long snapper on the team as long as I can remember. My question is this: Why isn't a center capable of being the long snapper? The center will often make long shotgun snaps.

    Why isn't a long snapper capable of serving as a center? I notice long snappers are usually smaller than centers (in weight) and tend to be leaner in their build.

    Can anyone enlighten me why one guy CANNOT do both? It would save a valuable roster spot on the 53 if you could combine them.
  2. glimmerman

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    Just one of those specific jobs. One of those jobs we all wish we could have. He really just snaps the ball. No one really hits him I don’t think.

    Your on the team but he practices on the sidelines or with the ST. Gets paid pretty good.

    13 seasons and made 10.5 million.
  3. JW82

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    I think they might want a lighter faster guy that can also make a ST tackle if need be. Also a lot of extra hits that you may not want your starting center to take. IMO
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    i dont know but just wanted to say ive met L.P. and thats one of the nicest more personable players ive met
    maybe he will talk so much because hes got lots of free time?
    anyway carry on
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    Generally it is the same reason that pitchers are usually thinner guys. You want the ball back to the punter ASAP. Arm speed is essential and usually guys big enough to handle a NT don't have fast arm speed. The faster it gets back there, the less likely to be blocked. There is nothing that says a Center can't deep snap, just that most don't have the speed there, and the speed downfield to make tackles, so they usually use a person specifically for it.

    I have known of teams that used one guy as a punt snapper and one for field goals as well so they could have a bigger guy there when the kicker was closer.
  6. Primetime42

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    Didn't Dale Hellestrae specialize in this?
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  8. TheCoolFan

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    If I were a HS player hoping to make it to the NFL one day, regardless of what position I'm playing, I'd start volunteering to be the long snapper or placeholder ASAP! That's a skillset that will only make you more attractive compared to your competition trying to make a roster or practice squad.
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  9. rnr_honeybadger

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    Actually just specialize as long snapper. It's a position with a very specialized skill, every team needs one and they also tend to have longevity in terms of career. Just look our long snapper, the guy has made 10 million just by being a long snapper
  10. xwalker

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    The best answer: Because teams have tried it over the years and it failed.

    Shotgun snap - About 5 yards
    Field Goal snap - 7.5 yards
    Punt snap - 14 yards

    At 5 yards a non-spiral can get to the QB with enough accuracy to work. A QB can adjust if the snap is not perfect.

    On field goals, the margin for error is extremely small. Six inches off target is likely catastrophic; whereas 6 inches off target on shotgun would not be a big problem.

    On punts, a snap that is 1 foot off target at 5 yards will be about 3 feet off target at 14 yards.

    Other reasons
    The snapper on punts must also be part of the punt coverage. When long snappers retire it is often this aspect that became a problem with age. A 260 pound long snapper is better in punt coverage than a 320 pound Center.

    OLinemen don't have an incentive to be a good long snapper. Being a long snapper won't be the difference in winning a roster spot. If they are not good enough on OL to win a spot then they're really just a dedicated long snapper if that's what caused them to win a roster spot.

    Team don't want their starting Center to play all of those special teams snaps.

    Position players come and go. Teams prefer to have stability at long snapper, especially on field goals.

    Practice time. It requires a lot of repetition to be a good long smapper.
  11. KingintheNorth

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    The position is uncovered which means the long snapper generally has a free release to run down and cover punts. It's become a specialized position where guys are closer to LB or TE size. You don't want Travis Frederick and Joe Looney being the 3rd guy down trying to corral a shifty punt returner.

    On teams I've coached we usually have a specialized long snapper but when we've lost them to injury (or grades) we usually try to teach a safety how to long snap so we can have him sprint down and make plays. Last year we used our best pass rusher. The problem is he got tired and would usually miss the first few pays of that series.

    This year we signed 3 long snappers.
  12. glimmerman

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    Lmao. I know. He will clear 11.5 at the end of this season. Not bad. Crazy.
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  13. Alexander

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    There quite simply are not many true centers that serve both roles.

    Despite what people think, no all snapping is the same.

    It is just like trying to find a kicker that can also punt effectively. It sounds great in theory, but good luck finding one.
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  14. rnr_honeybadger

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    Exactly, 11.5 million, retirement is no longer a concern. Never had a concussion or been injured. Heck he can hang it up after this season and go play golf for the remainder of his life if he wants to.
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  15. glimmerman

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    And also. It’s not just the 11.5 million he has collected. They also get a sweet retirement. And medical. I don’t remember what the retirement pays but he is fully vested. It was nothing to sneeze at.
  16. RodeoJake

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    Last long snapper we had that filled two roles was Jeff Robinson. He was also a back-up TE.
  17. NorthTexan95

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    He also got hurt in an early game and deep snapping was a nightmare the rest of the season. Hence why it's good to have a dedicated deep snapper.
  18. Doomsday101

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    Just seems to be an art to it. You have to put good zip on the ball and accurately. When you lose that guy it can cost you big time.
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  19. CowboyStar88

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    This right here
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  20. OmerV

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    Typically a player who specializes as long snapper isn't as big and bulky as a normal center. The bulk can hinder the movement needed to execute the long snap as well.

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