Signed by Cowboys Coaching staff update, McCurley back to LB, Cannon Matthews assistant DB


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FFS Our QB needs a veteran teacher. What the heck are we doing with Tolzien as QB coach. It’s like this team feels you can just take the coaches you are friends with and move them around interchangeably.
IDK... Kitna was a really good mentor, maybe Tolzien will be too


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Tolzien knows McCarthys system better than anyone else we can hire.
It's not mainly about a QB coach knowing the system. While obviously helpful, there will be plenty who know it. It's about giving Dak help with his mechanics and decision making. He needs a teacher in his ear all day every day working on the little things he needs to improve on.


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It may be the case that the top coaches like McCarthy won't be able to keep who they'd like (ala Ron Davis) ..per the powers that be from above.

It was being reported that Quinn was actually surprised to hear the news that Edwards was not being brought back. That doesn't sound like a clash.
And with Quinn being on a year to year basis per last 2 years. Will he be a new HC or returning again mode ?

It was settling (at least to me) that we would've had a guy that was familiar with Quinn system, and having DC experience and credentials of Edwards,
a mere Scott Curley, who was more of an asst. to even Edwards.Jr.
I've Wondered this since Mike had to Fire Nolen, if people dont want to come here and coach because they know MM is not in charge and if Jerry says get rid of whom ever Mike Does it.


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H-m-m, multiple staff changes -- here's hoping they pay off in the days ahead.

Looks like there'll be lots of adjustments forthcoming . . .

We'd best be crossing our fingers!