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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bizwah, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Bizwah

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    I was listening to Cowboys Break today, and they were casting a little suspicion about the Beasley injury. It's not supposed to be serious, so they were wondering why he didn't make the trip to SF or why he wasn't even with the trainer yesterday. There was mention that his agent was seen around camp.

    It's probably nothing. The coaches have shown themselves to be overly cautious with injuries...
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  2. SeanLee50

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    Most players with injuries don’t travel to away games. Typically stay back for treatment or just to rest.

    I haven’t heard anything about an injury that would be serious
  3. Bullflop

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    It was what is considered to be a minor groin injury. Ouch! Those are routinely something that require extreme caution to overcome and heal completely from, to rehab from and to resolve. They're way too often prone to re-occur. Thankfully, this team knows enough to err on the side of caution with in terms of healing from, just like most other teams do. Beasley is a valuable component of this team and will surely be treated as such.
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  4. xwalker

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    Keep in mind that Broaddus and crew once said for an entire season that Marinelli would go to Tampa Bay when the season was over.
  5. Ranching

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    He pulled a muscle when he was practicing his rap moves. Should be day to day.
  6. DoctorChicken

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    It’s a complete non issue
  7. Bullflop

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    As I recall, he was prone to premature predictions that may or may not materialize. -- lol. Here he is, still hanging in there, tho. :D
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  8. Bullflop

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    I'm not too sure about that but I hope so -- may the boo-boo gods look upon him with the utmost of mercy and compassion! :)
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  9. DiResta

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    he and TWill have both been quiet and if you ever listened to them before you can tell they are different listening to them now
    they are both good friends of Dez plus the Cowboys have almost completely blown up that group and i doubt they havent noticed
    this is Coles final year of his contract btw
  10. ItzKelz

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    Speculation about nothing likely
  11. charron

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    The only thing Beasley can do right now is hurt himself. He has had 2 seasons with Dak, won't take long for them to be insync. Williams got 11 reps? The new guys need more reps with Dak than will or Beas right now.
  12. TheSkaven

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    He's probably working on his next rap album....

    j/k ... in reality this is a non-issue in the pre-season. If he's in the slightest bit injured, no reason for him to be there.
  13. jobberone

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    Caution is best for groin injuries
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  14. starfrombirth

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    Broaddus didn't say it.... Eatman did, along with Helman.
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  15. big dog cowboy

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  16. DiResta

    DiResta Well-Known Member

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    Eatman said he talked to the trainer and Cole isnt injured
    he had soreness
    they were just questioning why he hasnt been out with the team or doing anything in individuals or why didnt he make the short plane trip to support the young players in his group like Lee & Zeke did even though they knew they werent playing either
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  17. DejectedFan1996

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    Dez is the reason Cole decided not to retire from football in 2013.

    This is most likely his last year as a Cowboy
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  18. plasticman

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    Why go anyway? Why even play him in the 1st preseason game? The guy is a veteran, he will be prepared for the season.

    I don't understand why they even had to play some of the other guys. They should have sat all the significant starters including Dak,Tyron, Zack and Fredericks. How many starters from other teams were needlessly hurt?

    Really, I'm good with the veteran starters just playing little more than a half in game #3.
  19. TheCount

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    I'm pretty sure every established receiver on the team is also pretty annoyed with being blamed for a failing offense that they found to be predictable and not putting them in position to succeed.
  20. xwalker

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    "Broaddus and crew".

    Crew refers to Eatman, Helman, etc..

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