Countdown to training camp

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by coult44, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. coult44

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    With TC less than two weeks away, what are you most excited to watch during those first few weeks. Which player(s) are you eager to see go to work. What position group will be the most competitive? Who's your camp long shot to make the team? What other story lines gives you a reason to start getting excited about the upcoming season?
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  2. GimmeTheBall!

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    The DEs who are here! They will determine, workaday louts, how our D fares.
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  3. viman96

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    Initially I am most interested in seeing the DBs, LBs and LG.
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  4. WillieBeamen

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    I have 0 excitement heading in to this season right now. Maybe if we acquire Earl, that will change
  5. JoeKing

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    For me it's about the DBs vs the WRs. This is what I find exciting and I don't root for either squad, I just want to see someone standout and show they got the goods to be a superstar.
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  6. Aviano90

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    Looking forward to days where no news is good news meaning no injuries.

    Looking forward to seeing how the defense entire develops, and more specifically how Gregory, Taco, LVE, and Jaylon look.

    Looking forward to the “it’s just the preseason” excuse if our depth gets schooled by other teams’ depth.

    Looking forward to seeing how Cooper Rush and Mike White look since they are supposed to be the franchise saviors once Dak fails to throw receivers open.

    Looking forward to seeing if they work Zeke more in the preseason so he is ready week 1 instead of needing 4 weeks in the regular season to warm up.
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  7. Typhus

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    Watching Chris Covington somehow become the steal of the draft.
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  8. Bullflop

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    For me, the new guys are bound to attract a great deal of attention. Connor Williams is it on the OL. WRs like Hurns, Gallup, Wilson and Lenoir will prove interesting, too. I'm hoping Bo Scarbrough makes a good impression to the staff and contributes on special teams. TEs like Blake Jarwin, Rico and Dalton Schultz should be intriguing and fun to watch. The competition between QBs Rush and White will also prove pretty fascinating to observe.

    On defense, I'd love to see Jihad Ward continue to display what he has thus far in practice. Leighton Vander Esch will likely get his fair share of reps and will surely be worth watching. Will Dorance Armstrong display the same potential that he had shown in college? I would only hope so. Let's also see if LB Chris Covington performs adequately enough to earn recognition and make the roster. There'll be no shortage of things to see -- I canmpt wait! :)
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  9. jazzcat22

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    A lot of players to watch at just about every position. Really can't pick out one area or player

    QB, back up battle between White and Rush, will they keep both or just one of them
    RB, who gets to the HOF 1st, Bo or Darius
    WR, who and what combo steps up, who will be the WR or several for that fact that will not make the team, as opposed what 5 or 6 that does
    TE, who steps up here as well. Does rico show enough to make them keep 4
    FB, only 1 there, OL pretty well set

    ST's, set

    CB, how does Jones look at his new position, do they keep a 5th CB
    S, does one of the UDFA look good enough for them not to look elsewhere to bring in another S, who emerges
    DE, which DE or DE's will be left out of what seems to be some good depth here. Does Gregory make this even more challenging
    DT, who steps up here, is Collins healthy, Does Ward step up and makes this a great draft day trade.
    LB, is Smith really close to or at 100%, was LVE the real deal, who is the 6th LB can even have good competition

    This will be an exciting TC to watch. Not that it means it is all good. As these are the players we have. Some will see good depth, some will see those final spots as the best of the scrubs.
    But it will be interesting no matter what.
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  10. Tangle_Foot

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    I'm most excited about training camp because it marks the return of football. From Dan Bailey to Dak Prescott I'm excited about it all.:)
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  11. Jipper

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    It's three key things for me

    1 how does our wr and te situation play out, who rises to the top?

    2 does our defense come together and look like a group that could be top 10 or better

    3 does Dak emerge as the player and leader that we hope he is?

    No major injuries also...i want to see our starting 22 healthy on Sept 9th
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  12. Batman1980

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    I am just hoping I will get to swing by camp during my 9 day trip to San Francisco. Gotta discuss it with my little brother.

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