Signed by Cowboys Cowboy sign Leighton Vander-Esch to 1-yr deal


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Dak counts 19.6 mill against the cap this year, similar to last year.....year before was franchised for 34 mill.

Before that....peanuts.

I know the simps wants to do simple division but it simply doesnt work that way

He still makes 40 mil regardless of his cap hit.


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Unlike you I’ve been a fan of this team for 30 years. Not 3 years. Can’t just switch teams. You’re the troll brother not the people wanting this team to show an interest in doing more than what they are doing.
Seriously! saying “don’t like it, switch teams” is clown thinking…..are we supposed to NOT care that we seem to be the only team not trying to Improve? That the team we so strongly support seems to be less passionate then it’s fans? I get not spending CRAZY money, but damn….28 million in cap space and they seem to be ok with going BACKWARDS. Spending in free agency seemed to work for Tampa Bay and LA….


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We? Did you play on those Super Bowl teams? Unfortunately ,you are the type of fan that makes excuses for losing and have low expectations. You must be a younger fan or a troll. The only was to measure success in the NFL is winning Super Bowls. Nobody cares about those one and done playoff teams. Losing is not okay and waiting until it’s the Cowboys turn to get lucky and win a Super Bowl is not okay. You have the mentality of a Detroit or Jacksonville fan. That doesn’t cut it.
52 watching 41 years, since i was 10 wrong on all accounts..

im not holding this team or coaching staff reliable for past teams' failures i mean its not one big story each year is one off and when fans realize each team has 2-3 year window and the payer turnover coaching turnover both on your team and around thr league changing the narrative all the time. absolute nonsense the worst narrative ever created is the tired and super trolling of the "its been 25-30" year crowd..its moot only what happened the last 3 years matter.. truly if you watch on year to year basis you would have a better perspective and more legitimate debate..

ill judge this year when it happens not on the basis on what's going on in the offseason because NO FAN can truly give grade to an offseason until the actual roster plays out the entire season..

so tired and borders on insanity.

but great glad you all vent and feel better whining 24-7, you truly enjoy the muck. YET all you do is breathe and talk Cowboys 24-7 id say Jerry owns space in your head rent free. Me and other like me are just fans of the team and the Star and want to watch and debate what goes on the field one year at a time..nothkg that happened in the past matter right now..mopst of these players weren't even born back then

its a new year and hasnt started yet , and here you are already upset and predicting doom and gloom..sad really..

Misery loves company club can depart and wouldn't be missed.


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The Patriots have become what the Cowboys were for years. Making a Super Bowl appearance every few years is not unrealistic as we have seen. I will never lower my expectations because of Jerry and some fans were so quick to lower expectations and thinking that losing is okay. As long as losing is okay with the fans and organization, the team will never get better. There is no pressure on the players to play up to the level of those big contracts. Why should they? The attitude of the team has become toxic. It’s the same attitude that the Lions, Browns and Jaguars have had for years. Yes, that what lower expectations leads to.
We just disagree. I don't care to hash out the details with you about who's to blame and why. We'll never agree.