Cowboys are trying to keep Dan Quinn

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Stash, Jan 10, 2022.

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    I mean, he can stay and hope to replicate 12 interceptions by one player, a generational rookie year by the LB all while probably losing at least one key player in Gregory and possibly others in Kearse/depth.

    OR he can leverage an AMAZING job into some excellent opportunities:

    Miami - good Defense, decent offense with draft capital and cap room
    Minnesota - Playoff ready roster
    Chicago - Possibly a great opportunity if you believe Fields will become a good QB
    Jaxsonville - Front office is terrible but all the Cap room you need
    Denver - I actually don't like this job. No QB and one of the hardest divisions. No Thanks.
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    I want to keep Quinn…But I’m also waiting for the day when someone makes a run at will Mcclay. Hoping that doesn’t happen
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    I would try and keep Quinn. But I would be thinking either Flores or Fangio would be an upgrade and would be sending out feelers as to their interest should there be a vacancy
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    Guessing he's as good as gone. And Zimmer, Edwards, or Whitt replaces him. Don't forget Mike interviewed Whitt for the position originally
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    i always get the impression that fans will state only what they want to hear and believe and contort it otherwise.
    They will send out all of the excuses as why a coach should be staying,... or if he has such flaws as why no NFL team will offer him HC role.

    Most often i hear ... " Quinn flopped as a HC in ATL, so no NFL team will want him to be their HC ... "
    .... or " some guys are just better coordinators than they are HCs "

    And there's always this perception that Jerry needs to pay him off to stay.

    Most assistant coaches want to be HC's .. that's their dream, whether first time,.. or even retreads (ala Ron Rivera, McCarthy)
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    i agree. The good news is, the firings have made some good DC’s available, Flores, fangio, Zimmer so far.
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    If he has any pride, he'll want to prove to himself that he can do it again....I hope he stays, but honestly, would be surprised and a bit disappointed it he does.
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    If Zimmer is a considerable choice by Cowboys, that could mean Edwards moving on to another NFL team.
    Zimmer singled out and fired Edwards when he was the DC with the Vikes under Zimmer.
    I'd be stunned if the two could be made to work together again.

    The DC role is so extremely crucial, should Quinn departs as i really don't trust McCarthy's hiring and choices as two of his DC choices were utterly disasters (Dom Capers, Mike Nolan)

    In fact, it maybe just me, but i really believe that Quinn choice was more pushed by management upon MM, than it being his undisputed clear choice.
    I really believe if it was up to McCarthy, Mike Nolan would be right back here again as DC.
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    Agreed with all.
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  11. AmishCowboy

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    but none of them really have a QB, maybe Fields
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    Huh what? How did Don Shula get into this conversation, he was HOF HC that had a huge body of work that spanned over 2 decades? Comparing DQ or MM to him is laughable at best. So he only got to 1 SB with Marino but his team still holds the mantle of Perfect Season, and has a couple of SB victories to his his name.
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    Flores will be a strong candidate for several of the new head coaching jobs according to the talking heads. Much more likely we end up with a Fangio or Zimmer if Quinn leaves.
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    Quinn can be picky. He has to be because no one hires a guy for a third stint as a HC. Ownership in Denver is really iffy. Seattle will be where he wants to land but Carroll doesn't appear to be leaving - however, he is 70 - A really fit and spry 70, but 70 nonetheless. All the current openings have issues.
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    Probably right.

    - Zimm's son, Adam Zimm taking on the DC duties certainly did not help matters.
    Ironically Zimm fired current Cowboys top defensive asst George Edwards as Vikes DC, and the Vikes Defense seem to become even worse
    once Zimm's son took over.

    - More irony, didn't Zimm even have two co-DC's with this Vikes team ? (his son and former Cowboys DL coach Andre Patterson being the other co-DC ?

    - Even more irony is Defense was suppose to be Zimmer's expertise area, but it proved his leading downfall that had really dropped off in his final years.
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    Glad to see Jerry reach out to Quinn and hope he wants to remain the DC. Ultimately he will do what he feels is in his own interest and no one knows what his thought process is on moving on after a year. I hope he stays but clearly understand if he chooses to pursue a HC job.
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    That's pretty much a constant with most teams who just jettisoned their HC. Except for the Jags who are just a complete ****show.
  19. quickccc

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    Should Quinn departs to be HC elsewhere (which i strongly think will happen) .it's gonna be so crucial whoever takes over the DC, as that coach has to be flexible
    and schematic to the current players .. a system that is conducive to the players, rather than force players to square-peg fit into his scheme.

    McCarthy has always said that he'd prefer a " Hybrid" scheme, one that features both 4 and 3 man fronts... that's the trend of NFL according to MM.
    And it will be a scheme and system that Parson would flourish in as he's already the team best and biggest impact defensive player. ..imo.

    - How would Parson fit in Zimmer's 4-3 preferred scheme ?
    - How would Parson fit in as Vic Fangio's 3-4 scheme ?
    - Or is there an hired DC role from inside,.. ala George Edwards ...or Joe Whitt Jr. (who is also familar with McCarthy per GB days)
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    That depends. While I agree in theory, there are other potential factors in play besides just HC pride. There's pay. There's family and what they want and where they like living. There's satisfaction with what you're building and relationships.

    It's not just about HC pride...but that can be a big factor.

    If the right teams offer him a HC job I think he's out of here, but it's not so cut and dried as you make it out to be.

    I hope Jerry pays him enough to tempt him to stay and keep working on what they've been building here. I won't blame him for leaving if he gets HC offer. It'll suck, but that's the way it is.

    Moore on the other hand? I'd be less sad if he walked.

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