Twitter: Cowboys at Bucs Sept 9

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JBS, May 12, 2021.

  1. Gremell12

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    THE TRENCHES!!!! Have no problem watching our wr core and tight ends cook if we give dak time.
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  2. Majic

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    He couldn't have been more enthusiastic
  3. Doomsday101

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    As we know 1 loss to anyone is not the end of the season. However I never concede any game. I respect what the Bucs have done but I expect the Cowboys to go out and beat them.
  4. Scotman

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    You're predicting 6 pick sixes for Nahshon Wright? Bold
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  5. Elusiv1

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    I think we can definitely keep up with them on offense but it will come down to our Swiss cheese defense. Don't give them anything cheap and keep that clock under control. We will probably do opposite of what I'm talking about!!!lol
  6. Starforever

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    I hope this team does not play like the fans think. What a bunch of schleprocks. Hopefully, the new editions, will ignore the star and play with their hearts.
  7. Winonesoon

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    First damn play from scrimmage needs to be a flip to wilson to Lamb for 70 yard TD. It would be grand!
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  8. GMO415

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    Learn it
    Love it
    Live it
  9. RonnieT24

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    I can't believe the NFL sticks the Cowboys with THREE Thursday night games... So we not only get to have our team beaten down by the Florida heat and humidity in September then travel to KC for a late game the Sunday before Thanksgiving.. then play Thanksgiving then play another road game the following Thursday at the Saints.. Nice.. Goodell stuck it to the Cowboys again..
  10. Motorola

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    Ronnie24 - First of all - the opening season Thursday night game will be a week after the last preseason game (I believe all are played that previous Thursday \ Friday night before the week 1 Sunday. If the Cowboys brass decided to hold training camp in the July- August Texas heat____the team would be prepared for an early September night game on the northern Florida Gulf Coast.
    Secondly - and more significant- the NFL has accommodated Dallas for the mandatory Thursday night game. The Cowboys always had the quick turnaround from the Sunday November game due to their annual Thanksgivng tilt. So for the last five years, Dallas' mandatory TNF contest is the following Thursday - giving them a full week to prepare. The Cowboys then have nine days before they play the next game.
    The three Thursday games is not an issue. The first one is the very first game of the 2021 season..and the Cowboys - and Buccaneers - have nine days before their second game. Then - two full months will pass (which includes the Cowboys bye week) before the Sunday-Thanksgiving- following Thursday 3-game stretch.
    As stated earlier...this is a sequence Dallas is familiar with.

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