Twitter: Cowboys at Bucs Sept 9

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JBS, May 12, 2021.

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    well, why bring them up and continue point to them, yet now say I don't who the next one is...reminds me of a customer I once had who told me I want it, I can't tell you what it is, but I know it when I see it..

    you keep saying look at Tampa, they have Brady....but then say I don't know any other Brady's....btw, Brady is the GOAT....does anyone live up to his standards?

    then you mention and point to KC and say look, they have Mahomes....but then say I don't know who the next Mahomes is..

    and you want to draft a QB...where 80% of first round QBs fail in the NFL and you just said you don't know who the next mahomes is..but you want to throw away the next 4 or 5 seasons to learn the QB we wasted a 1st round pick isn't any good. so, now what? draft another one?

    and given you have no idea of whom...I think Dak is the best solution available and I know without Dak, given there is no other alternative....we have no chance at leat with a top 10 QB like him we have a chance...Dak is not as good as mahomes...and he is not as good as Brady. no one ever argued those.....

    so basically back to what I don't have any idea, you have no solution. you just want to complain..

    now, complain away....

    btw, I find it funny you avoid talking anything about the defense like its the plague...

    so again, are all wins/losses on QB? that's what you said. I asked you for an answer and you avoided as you always do
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    We are younger and more beautiful
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    We pretty much only played the Giants week 1 in those years.

    At least that is how it feels like.
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    That's wrong :(
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    Yeah, and I noticed that it said Raymond James Stadium. That's a serious dick move by the Bucs and Raymond James Stadium. Absolutely classless! Screw the Bucs!!!! I hope we demolish them! I hope Dak nails that Tweet to his locker room wall and look at it every day until the Bucs game. Put 50 on this jerks! They win a SB and now they decide to mock Dak like that? F them!!!!!!!!
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    Not a Dak hater but Dallas loses Week 1.
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    very funny...not at all what I mean. I mean lets walk back expectation.
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    1 of 4 loses. He's still 15-4. You're referring to the 2017 season opener when Kareem Hunt went off his rookie year.
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    Brady vs Cowboys 5-0

    Brady vs Dan Quinn 4-0

    Uh oh.
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    The sad thing is, if Dak even had an average performance, we would have won that game...

    It may have been his worst performance ever as a Cowboy
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    Were usually healthy by week 1. Then week 3 comes and everyone is injured and blame it on injuries on why we suck.
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    I will assume this grandma's grape jam GIF is directed at TB12 since the guy in it bears no resemblance to Prescott.
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    We're screwed...thanks for nothing, NFL
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    Brady is going to get a serious dose of Nahshon Wright and Chauncey Golston. He'll be puking up his kale and quinoa smoothie before halftime.
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    due to lose,,,
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    My guess is its gonna be ugly lol
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    Anybody have any idea when tickets go on sale for this game?
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    It's opening week. Every team is pumped.

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