Cowboys FO may have fooled y'all / FO is spineless / FO needs to pull head out **mega-thread**

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by birdwells1, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. birdwells1

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    Stephen and Jerry Jones are still trying to prove to the world that they are "football" guys. So much so that they have resorted to trying to fool the rest of the football world.

    The reason the Cowboys have be inactive during free agency the last 5 years or so is because it gives the illusion that they are being calculated, smart, conservative, rational and financially responsible when in actuality they just don't know how to build a team using the draft and free agency. They Jones's have figured that since they don't know how to evaluate players from other teams then they'll just pass on them and saying that the player price was too high which allows them not to make on a player and run the risk of being ridiculed.

    The problem with this is that you never sign anyone of value.
  2. Aerolithe_Lion

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    Every knows this. I don't think they're fooling anyone
  3. ConceptCoop

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    Yet we've had one of the best rosters in the league over that span. Remember when everyone was patting the Giants on the back for all the money they paid Veron and Snacks and Jenkins? How did that work out for them?
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  4. Killerinstinct

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    I don't know that I agree with this in entirety but I do believe there are a few ways to add talent to your team and if you avoid 2 of the 3(F.A. and trades)
    then you are only hurting the team.

    That doesn't mean that you sign every big name F.A. regardless of price but you have to use all of the avenues available to you.
  5. Rayman70

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    day 2 and 3 of free agency is where the real gems are signed. Lets see where we stand as of weds.
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  6. CT Dal Fan

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    The company line says they prefer to save their cap space for their own players. It worked out last year when they made Zack Martin the highest paid guard in the game.

    The last "big name" free agent the Cowboys went out and got was CB Brandon Carr in 2012, and he was just a solid guy. Not really worth the investment, but not quite a bust.

    The only other teams that have historically "sat out" free agency (for the most part) have been the Packers and Colts. Green Bay actually spent big on some guys last year (Jimmy Graham, Muhammed Wilkerson) and had a poor season.

    The hard part is watching the Cowboys sit on their hands. But I'd rather say "no thanks" to a guy like Landon Collins if it means keeping Amari Cooper or Jaylon Smith down the road.
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  7. cowboyfan4life2

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    Another year of doing squat in free agency. What a joke.
  8. davey999

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    We have? Says who?
  9. charron

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    Stephen is too scarred to make the wrong/ bad deal. He hides behind the cap as being the reason he is frugal. Cap hell is a myth and the eagles prove it because they always start being near the cap but find ways to manipulate it. The eagles traded Bennet for picks then signed a DT for 10/year . Stephen is not smart enough or have the cohones to attempt such a thing. Not saying the eagles got better but they at least try to.
  10. Cowboys22

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    That’s not it at all. They got burned by big contracts and have had some success with the draft so they have decided to build mainly with the draft and supplement with lower priced free agents. They have faith in McClay with the draft and they want to keep their draft picks that pan out. Then add in that making money has possibly surpassed winning as the number one priority and we are where we are.
  11. Sydla

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    You overrate the roster.
  12. Hardline

    Hardline Well-Known Member

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    Don't beat your chest too hard because none of us were fooled.
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  13. ConceptCoop

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    It's not one of the best in the league? And hasn't been more often than not over the last decade?
  14. davey999

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    No. It's not.
  15. Blackspider214

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    We are ignorant to invest so much in this OL and playing some antiquated 90s offense. We by far have invested the most resources in our OL than anyone else in the league. We could have used some of that money to invest interior DL and safety, where we desperately need help. We went all in on OL and so far it has gotten us nowhere. Tyron is breaking down with his injuries every year. Frederick got a freak illness. Martin got injured last year. You can say you can't foresee injuries but you can manage risk. When you invest that much in a position, any injury is going to be a big deal when they are making that much money.
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  16. Sydla

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    It’s been a good roster that has almost always had clear roster holes.

    They could have had one of the best rosters in football if they had a different, more calculated approach to FA by using the middle tier of FAs between the high priced players and the bargain bin slop they seem to love despite is mostly resulting in them signing very few good players.
  17. Beast_from_East

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    Best roster in the league?

    I guess I missed the parade........LOL
  18. CT Dal Fan

    CT Dal Fan Well-Known Member

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    Fair enough.

    But I think this front office was so shook by the horrible line play from 2010-13 that they vowed "never again" and thus the investment. The good news is Martin is still young and it looks like Frederick will be okay. Smith worries me.
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  19. boxer-rumble

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    Honestly hate this FO. All other teams and especially NFCE teams continually make their teams better every year.

    Yet we do nothing and actually have disgruntled players at this point because we’re willing to extend a an average QB a year early when our war daddy here is getting pissed. Nice FO work I tell ya.
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  20. Blackspider214

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    But that's the problem. They take matters way too much to the extreme. They got burned by a few bad contracts in free agency, so now they vow to never sign one worth anything and just sign their own and find cheap "gems" late in free agency. And because of poor OL play, they decided to invest an absurd amount of resources into that one position. They don't know the meaning of balance.

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