Signed by Cowboys Cowboys get long snapper Trent Sieg


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Hell of a way to make a living in the NFL. Long snapper, no one knows who you are until you sail one over the punter head or off target for place kicker.
But at least they can go anywhere in public without worry.


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He was a free agent. Did they cut him?
They did release him two days ago

The Raiders made another transaction that felt inevitable with how last week unfolded, cutting long snapper Trent Sieg, according to ESPN’s Field Yates. Sieg had just wrapped up his fifth season with the club and was about to enter the last year of his contract which carried no dead money, per

On Friday, it was reported that Las Vegas had agreed to terms with Jacob Bobenmoyer to be the team’s next long snapper, signaling Sieg’s release was coming. This means Pro Bowlers Daniel Carlson and AJ Cole will have a new running mate for the first time in their careers.


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Cowboys average about 8 punts + kicks per game. Let’s go out on a limb and say we play 19 games next season. That’s 152 snaps that he’ll play this season.

$1,080,000 / 152 snaps = $7,105 per snap

Not bad

They get paid extra for playoff games. That $1,080,000 just covers the regular season ones.

So even less not bad.


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That was my HS position. I sucked at just about everything else football related but I was good at that one particular thing!
I long snapped in one game because our normal guy was hurt, and the other team literally had a giant who clubbed me like a baby seal.

Full disclosure… I was a DB and happened to be Safety sized.

That big guy nearly beat me to death that night. I was so glad that was the only game that our long snapper missed.