Signed by Cowboys Cowboys Sign S Keanu Neal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JBS, Mar 20, 2021.

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    Seems like the plan is to use Neal as a small LB as much as a big safety. Being a Gator fan I am pretty sure I watched every snap of his college career.. but have zero recollection of his ever making any plays at Florida. 4.62 says "average to below average" speed. That makes him 2 tenths of a second slower than Jaylon and about equal to LVE.. I guess he's a big hitter if he ever gets there but the lack of wheels might indicate his having a problem getting there.
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    The one-year deals are both to make sure it works out (with his injury history, Neal might just not hold up) and allow the team to work on replacing the stopgaps with cheaper players through the draft. Let's say we draft a free safety and linebacker who look like starting material. Then, you let Neal walk next year. If we don't and Neal plays well, then you try to re-sign him because you have more faith in him as part of the team. The risk you take is that he ups his asking price so much that he's out of your price range.

    I do not mind the one-year deals based on the amount Dallas is willing to pay in FA because most of the ones they sign are likely to amount to nothing. I'd prefer Dallas go after bona fide players who haven't had injury issues, but this is not the Cowboys way.
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    Ok. Ok. There is something. Let’s get this Defense shored up and get quality backups for O-Line.
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    RT is an issue....
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    I AM NOT!
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    I agree, think he will also bring some much needed leadership/accountability to the D.
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    Quinn's defenses in Atlanta were in Nickel or Dime 70% of the time in recent years. So Neal more than likely plays LB in those schemes in Dallas...
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    Having Neal with a Kazee in the backfield would instantly bridge a communication gap directly with what Quinn wants done.
    We have all witnessed a very confused defense to the point where its embarrassing to witness.
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