Super Bowl Game ***Cowboys vs Saints 2nd Half Thread***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Dec 2, 2021.

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  1. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

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    What did I miss.. Goodwin..
  2. Pentagruel

    Pentagruel Active Member

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    Pretty fast for a big boy I reckon.
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  3. ultron

    ultron Well-Known Member

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    How about now?
  4. Taggy12

    Taggy12 Well-Known Member

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  5. TheHerd

    TheHerd Well-Known Member

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    Hill is a runner. If Payton didn’t stop running him, this may have been a different game. We never stopped him once.
  6. AyeAtey

    AyeAtey Well-Known Member

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    Very nice Watkins, very nice!

    Nails, Nails
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  7. Carson

    Carson Well-Known Member

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    Dang! Not Goodwin :(
  8. ReverendFelcher

    ReverendFelcher Well-Known Member

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    Payton isn't really being fair to Hill. Been clear that he is really hurt. Should have yanked him a long time ago.
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  9. Tenkamenin

    Tenkamenin Well-Known Member

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    A win is a win. The O will figure it out.
  10. TheCoolFan

    TheCoolFan Well-Known Member

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    Taysom Hill was the Cowboys' best QB tonight
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  11. FiveSuperBowls

    FiveSuperBowls Well-Known Member

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    Need to get Moore to the booth
  12. sweetness0986

    sweetness0986 Well-Known Member

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    Dang I don’t like that everyone immediately got to a knee. Hope he’s ok.
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  13. droopdog7

    droopdog7 Well-Known Member

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    Hope Goodwin is okay. Hope he didn’t pass out.
  14. MountaineerCowboy

    MountaineerCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Dude is in so deep on Dak that he'll never be able to be unbiased about him.
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  15. tomsanders921

    tomsanders921 Well-Known Member

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    If they did this against a real offense I would be excited. But this is a guy who should not be a QB, missing both tackles and his Rb. And he hurt his hand.
  16. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    The game was won on Parsons sack folks. He’s miles ahead of Ware
  17. Cydios

    Cydios Well-Known Member

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    Acl mcl Achilles?
  18. StuckMojo

    StuckMojo Well-Known Member

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    Then Dak makes two horrible passes, yeah that’s Zeke’s fault
  19. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Moderator

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    Yes they do.
  20. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Peyton's tricked out offense worked for a while, until Hill was forced to throw it all game.
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