Cowboys Game *** Cowboys vs Steelers 2nd Half game thread ***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 8, 2020.

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  1. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

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    and we tore him to shreds
  2. HappyOnions

    HappyOnions Datwin

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    Im okay with that

    We cannot take any points for granted with this D
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  3. tico

    tico Well-Known Member

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    Zuerlein a Fantasy beast
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  4. 3rdEyewarrior

    3rdEyewarrior Well-Known Member

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    Do you people even watch the defense when both backs are in? Every good pollard run is through a good sized hole. Zeke has to avoid a tackle just to get to the line. I'll trust retired. hall of fame players and reporters who all say Zeke is better and gets more respect from the defense.
  5. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Hey, I like being aggressive but your defense is playing good and we need to put a little distance between us and Pittsburgh. Plus, what if we fumble the ball or something stupid like that, then we get no points.
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  6. Cowboy-33

    Cowboy-33 Well-Known Member

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    2-6 man ! It was a few inches
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  7. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

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    Two score game now.

    Have to kick there.
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  8. quickccc

    quickccc Well-Known Member

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    after bye ..keep going with Gilbert ? .... or back to Dalton ? :huh:
  9. Runwildboys

    Runwildboys Well-Known Member

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    I think the defense is more worried when Zeke is in, but I'm not sure if that's it.
  10. CarolinaFathead

    CarolinaFathead Well-Known Member

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    Give me a break.
  11. Furboy

    Furboy Well-Known Member

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    It really would be satisfying to beat the Steelers! Embarrassing them is always fun.
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  12. stiletto

    stiletto Well-Known Member

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    Yeah not sure Im on board with analytics bs. Go with the emotion of your team, win or lose... That's just me.
  13. jhj7098

    jhj7098 Active Member

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    4th and the nose of the football and you kick a field goal?!! Gutless
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  14. Playmaker3128

    Playmaker3128 Well-Known Member

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    Lol the people saying go for it. It’s a 3rd string qb against one of the best defenses in football with a makeshift oline.

    not saying I wouldn’t have...but I have no problem kicking the fg and going up two possessions on a 7-0 team
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  15. efh313

    efh313 Well-Known Member

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    The only problem with this take is the lack of a smile... lol
  16. john van brocklin

    john van brocklin Captain Comeback

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    Nice speed
  17. fansince68

    fansince68 Well-Known Member

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    We've found our back up qb.
  18. Jason 82 Witten

    Jason 82 Witten Well-Known Member

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    I was yelling go for it too, but we all know if they didn’t pick up the first down everyone would be saying stupid decision to go for it
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  19. ShortRound131

    ShortRound131 Well-Known Member

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    GG for ROH

  20. Aven8

    Aven8 Well-Known Member

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    GG no doubt
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