CowboysZone is pleased to welcome percyhoward and DallasEast as moderators


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Congrats to both. :)

I am very upset to be passed on this great honor. What do I have to do to become a mod here? I put up with @Sam I Am already. Isn't that enough? Will work harder to get the next spot. Go Cowbo... Ugh. Got carried away.


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Suprised Risen Star didn't get a crack

As much as he's Batman to his own little group of Superfriends, Risen's actually a good poster in my book. I rarely agree with his snap-judgements on players he's never seen in uniform, and he bails immediately when he's caught dead-to-rights and should be teased for that at every opportunity, but he brings real off-season content to the site, backs his opinions up, and isn't ever afraid for a dust-up as he likes to call them. Plus, he's funny. That's vastly preferred to 100% drive-by content-less snark.

But Risen's an 'R.' We haven't gotten that far yet.

Speaking of which, where were you, bkeavs, when we came looking? The invite was probably caught in your spam filter.