Crawford needs to restructure

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wood, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. BigD_95

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    9 million per year - Tyrone Crawford stats 2018 when he played: 34 tackles 5.5 sacks
    21 million per year - Lawerence stats last year: 45 tackles 5 sacks

    who is over paid again?
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  2. Sydla

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    Oy vey
  3. BigD_95

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    It was more of a joke but I do think we over paid for Lawrence - easy the worst contract on the team
  4. MyFairLady

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    People keep using the term restructure. IMHO this is not proper terminology. Restructure would typically mean converting his base salary to a guaranteed signing bonus to kick the salary cap charge down the road.

    Crawford is due 8 million in base salary. What he needs to agree to is a pay cut. Or better yet we cut him outright and move on with our lives. If we are going to pay broke down old lineman 8 million per year we might as well just give up right now. having said that Crawford is one of Jerruhs boys so god only knows what will happen.
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  5. stasheroo

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    Yes, paycut is the term that should be used, not restructure.
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  6. conner01

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    I was thinking 14-15 range but who knows
    He a good player but as a pass rusher he’s not elite
  7. chicago JK

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    Crawford is overpaid but it will not be surprising to see him as our opening game starter at D-end. We have two guys who need to get reinstated, prove they can still play NFL level play and then be able to withstand the physicality of the NFL. I think if Smith and Gregory prove themselves worthy that we take an extremmy cautious approach when the season starts and let them get their NFL legs back. I would want them gearing into form down the stretch. Rather than starting out hot and fizzling out.

    Crawford can also provide some positional flexibility which may be valuable with a lot of new faces.
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  8. OmerV

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    I disagree. Much of his value is tied to his ability to provide depth at both DT and DE, and I think that value has taken a hit. At DE he is probably not in much better position, if any, after the team signed Aldon Smith and drafted Anae, and with there being a good chance Gregory gets re-instated. I know all those options carry some degree of uncertainty, but it's still several added options. Then, at DT his value took a big hit with the signing of McCoy and Poe, and with drafting Gallimore.
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  9. Star Guard_31

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    McCoy ate a struggle muffin last year in Carolina when he took snaps at DE.
  10. Star Guard_31

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    I’d be more inclined to agree if I thought Crawford’s primary role on this team was on the interior. While I do think he can and will kick inside in the cliche “nascar package”, his primary role on this team is as a base DE.

    The additions of McCoy, Poe, and Gallimore do nothing to detract from his status as the only proven DE not named Demarcus Lawrence on this roster who adds value on 1st and 10 and 2nd and 8.

    Randy Gregory and Aldon Smith are purely pass rush specialists at this point.
  11. OmerV

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    I see your point, but at the end of the day I just don't know if they will view him as indispensable at DE. I still think they ideally want him as a swing guy, but admittedly the RDE position is uncertain enough at the moment that they may view him as the most stable player of the bunch. But even if that's true, I'm still skeptical that they will see him as worthy of his current pay rate. Then again, I wasn't sure why they ever thought he was.
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  12. CowboysWillRise

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    Hope is not a tactic. My optimism for Aldon and Gregory doesn't preclude me from wanting to sign a more established player.
  13. Cowboys1fan

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    I’m kind of not to fond of this situation. He is basically the difference of everson griffin and no legit end. Baffles me keeping this guy. Hasn’t done nothing since his first year or 2 hype train

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