News: CW: Leading analytics team makes case for Cowboys letting Prescott walk

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Reality, Feb 24, 2021.

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    If this defense isn't fixed by this time next year, and there's little reason to think it would be, I'm going to want that 20m allocated to defense.

    Will they actually DO that? Not as long as Jerry Jr is in charge of jersey sales.

    Off the top of my head if Coopers 20m was removed and spent on defense, the offense would still be ahead in terms of cap dollars.

    I realize you have to score in today's NFL, but if you can't stop anyone you have no shot at all.
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    Our franchise has been QB dependent. While we haven’t had Elite QB we have lucked out stumbling on to solid Franchise Qb’s in Romo and Dak who have with our offense carried below average and bottom dwelling defenses on the most part.

    Not much has changed in the last 15 years. The last time we had a good defense carry a bad QB was Parcells first year in 2003 with Quincy.

    So until we build another top defense thru the draft then I’d recommend keeping this offense together or we won’t be interesting or relevant at least contending for a playoff spot .

    And when we get that defense built and we need to resign them we will let some of these offensive talents go and get by with less on that side of the ball.

    The Cap era has proven with rare exceptions in order to contend that you need to be great on one side of the ball and average to above average on the other side.
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    Made me think of another point....

    The WR position IS beginning to become a bit saturated. There was around 10 in last years draft that are capable and this year is supposed to be no different.

    Pair that with what was already in the league and I'm not sure a guy like Gallup will get large dollars in FA.

    Can a team really pay Gallup 15-18 a year when they have a younger guy who is better who will want even more when his time comes?

    Maybe Gallup can be retained for around 10. Him and Lamb would be fine.

    20m in cap space to sign a defensive starter or two may be in order after this season.

    Point being....yes the WR position seems to be plentiful as far as prospects, and may keep the vet salaries down.
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    You took the words right out of my mouth.
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    The whole argument of letting Prescott walk was predicated on hitting on drafting a QB, which if we let Prescott go would mean that every QB drafted in 2016 isn't with their original QB. Even if we get the best QB in this year's draft, which won't be easy at 10, will he be good enough? Yes, Wilson is better than Dak, but is Wilson better than at least one 1st rounder and Dak? It will take more than that to get someone like Wilson, so we either pay him, or we pay Dalton in 25 million range and build a defense. Drafting a QB can't be the alternative.
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    MM used "analytics" all season...nuff said
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