D Law and Taco during draft analysis

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. btcutter

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  2. gmoney112

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    Two random opinions.

    Usually, a consensus before the draft at least gives an idea about perceived value.

    Demarcus was not a 1st round talent by anyone, he was a 2nd-3rd round talent with plenty of questions about his strength and ability to play in the NFL, whereas Taco was pretty universally thought of as a 1st rounder. Some had him top 20. If you told someone previous to the draft that Taco would fall to the 2nd, they'd probably laugh.

    He's a rookie DE going against NFL tackles. It's rare that you see a DE come into the league and do much of anything.

    He has all the tools, he'll be fine.
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  3. TheRomoSexual

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    From my recollection, Taco was rated slightly higher, though they were pretty comparable prospects coming out.
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  4. haleyrules

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    Time is on Charltons side. Lets give him at least 4 games before the club cuts him!!;).
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  5. CowboysWillRise

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    Excellent point, there were so many people here that were up in arms about trading up to take Dlaw and even more that were ready to write him off 3 weeks ago. Even with that lesson clearly on display many are once again believing they know more than our scouts and that we can accurately predict what we have with Taco after 3 weeks. For crying out loud our pass rush has been amazing. I dont understand the need to jump to conclusions.
  6. ThreeandOut

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    I think the Cowboys had Taco rated higher than Dlaw.
  7. reddyuta

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    Imo Taco has way more upside,he needs to learn pass rush techniques other than the spin move and get stronger.
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  8. darthseinfeld

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    Taco was generally a higher rated prospect.

    Lawrence was pretty universally considered a 2nd round prospect.

    Taco, had a few that rated him a 2nd rounder, but most places rated him as a 1st round prospect
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  9. bayeslife

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    Taco needs a year in the weight room and time to develop hand technique like DLaw has. I remember DLaw made strides in his 2nd year but ended up getting back problems
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  10. Real1st

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    Exactly. Year one for him is just getting his feet wet. He needs a full offseason in the strength and conditioning program. Watch next year you will hear reports of how he got bigger and stronger.
  11. Risen Star

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    Well then your recollection is off. Charlton was a much higher rated player.
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  12. BoysfanfromCanada

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    Taco may have been drafted in first but he was a second round talent. Most experts would agree there were maybe 22-24 first round talents in this draft, and we picked 28. So people need to lower their expectations and trust in a front office that has done very well of late in the draft
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  13. AbeBeta

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  14. Irvin88_4life

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    One site had him number 8 in the draft. Lawrence on the other hand was a 2nd round prospect that started to go up draft boards
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  15. TheRomoSexual

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  16. xwalker

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    Some had him top 10 early and dropped him after the combine.
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  17. Aven8

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    Taco was talked about being in the top 10 at one point during the process. Let's give the kid some time already. With the track record of our scouting department lately how anyone could argue is beyond me!
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  18. ElGatoGrande

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    +1 He needs some bulk and strength and coaching,,, he's pretty green right now.
  19. RastaRocket

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    D Law is just now starting to shine, four years in. He has 7 of his 16 total career sacks in the first 3 games this year. 3 years ago, everybody thought D Law sucked. This offseason, everybody said he was fat and useless from a twitter picture. Now today, we think taco needs to be like D Law.
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  20. btcutter

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    Where does it sound like I am flipping out?

    I am getting a perspective on these DE and how long it takes them to develop? I don't expect Taco to lite it up in his first year. Very few DL can do that.

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